01 Dec 2020

With the engine upgrade, the new super motorcycle from BMW is having series of improvements with modern features.

After some time of waiting, BMW Motorrad is officially unveiled S1000R 2021 with more changes in both of design and engine of the motorcycle.

Specifically, the most recognizable change on BMW S1000R 2021 is the lighting cluster, with the use of single lights instead of two-eyed headlight like the old generation. Furthermore, LED technology is implemented for most of the system. The control panel is a 6.5-inch TFT displaying full parameters including 3 riding modes: Road, Rain, and Dynamic.

Next, the chassis structure was changed with the implementation of Flex Fame from the BMW R1250R. In addition to flexibility, the new design also helps to clamp the knees closer, creating stability.

Of course, the speed is the main factor that users concern on BMW S1000R 2021. According to info, this motorcycle is equipped an engine same as S1000RR that can produce a maximum of 165 HP at 11000 RPM and maximum torque is 114 Nm at 9250 RPM. This engine block is also refined in gear 4 – 6 to reduce noise and meet the EURO 5 emission standards.

In addition, the “Killer Whale” is also equipped with a torque control system that prevents the rear wheel from slipping due to the sudden increase or reduction in throttle. Ridings Modes Pro is added with the Dynamic Pro mode with series of upgrades. Moreover, BMW S1000R 2021 also integrates technologies such as Power Wheelie, Dynamic Brake Control …

The price of BMW S1000 2021 has not been officially announced but experts predict the price will not differ much from other existing model.


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