The new Yamaha Finn is super fuel-efficient with a consumption of only 96.16 km/liter

23 Jul 2021

With a starting price of only VND 27.5 million and super fuel economy, the new Yamaha Finn digital car really makes rivals like Honda Wave “startled”.

Yamaha is constantly strengthening its position as the most fuel-efficient family motorcycle manufacturer. The recent rookie that Yamaha launched in the Thai market, Yamaha Finn, continues to confirm this. This is a valuable family car model, updated with modern graphics and styling.

Yamaha Finn is considered a strong competitor of Honda Wave 110 in the Thai market. If Finn is present in Vietnam, this model can certainly create fierce competition with rivals such as Honda Wave Alpha, Wave RSX, and even Honda Future Fi.

The power of Yamaha Finn comes from a powerful 115cc engine that is easy to control without being picky about the driver. This engine block has the outstanding advantage of outstanding fuel economy. According to Yamaha’s announcement, the average gasoline consumption of Yamaha Finn has just reached 96.16 km/liter.

The design style of the new Yamaha Finn is also very prominent, showing sharp, bright lines. A powerful halogen headlight system, combined with eye-catching taillights, gives clear light during the day and night. Luxury car dashboard system with modern, clear graphics and display background, pleasing to the eyes of the observer.

As a popular line of digital cars, the new Yamaha Finn also adds many convenient features. In front is a storage compartment to fit a water bottle, under the seat is a large 9.7-liter trunk that can fit a half-head helmet. Multi-function car key, integrating many features into one very easy to use and convenient. The vehicle is also equipped with a unified braking system (UBS) to increase safety.

The new Yamaha Finn comes in a variety of colors, with two versions: spokes and cast rims. The starting price of Yamaha Finn is only 39,800 baht (about 27.5 million VND).


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