Toyota Corolla Cross hits sales of 4500 units in Dec 2021, surpassing total sales of many other brands

15 Jan 2022

Toyota Corolla Cross is the best-selling model in Vietnam for December 2021, despite not having any incentives.

Doanh số tháng 12/2021 của Toyota Corolla Cross còn nhiều hơn kết quả bán hàng của một số hãng xe như Suzuki (1.752 xe), Ford (2.346 chiếc) hay Honda (4.292 xe).

According to the sales results announced by the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), the three best-selling models in our country in 2021 were as expectations, namely VinFast Fadil, Hyundai Accent and Toyota Vios. Surprisingly stood 4th was the Toyota Corolla Cross with a total of 18,411 units sold in the past year. In particular, December 2021 is the boom month of this C-SUV model. With sales of up to 4,466 vehicles, Toyota Corolla Cross was the leading product in the whole market in December 2021.

Demand for Corolla Cross has never cooled down since its launch in Vietnam in 2020. Imported CBU from Thailand, with youthful interior/exterior design, outstanding modern equipment in Toyota Safety Sense technology, competitive price, these factors allow the Corolla Cross to be successful in Vietnam.

With such interest, Toyota Corolla Cross in Vietnam is met with a big supply problem. The number of imported cars does not meet the needs of customers (especially the V version), causing Corolla Cross to often encounter serious shortage. Specifically, depending on the situation, customers would have to opt for additional accessory packages that costs from 10 to 20 million VND if they want to receive the car earlier. However, there are times in 2021 that regardless of what was purchased, buyers still had to wait up to a month for delivery. In the case of buying at the original price, obviously the waiting time will have to be longer. However, up to now there are still many who are patiently waiting for their own units.

Looking at the list of best-sellers in 2021, Corolla Cross can be considered the most notable model as the top 3 are occupied mainly due to discounts and promotions. For example, VinFast Fadil attracts customers mainly because the customer gratitude program lowers the price to about 336 – 395 million VND in mid-2021, causing the number of orders for this model to pile up to the point that it took the Vietnamese brand until the end of year to fulfill all preorders.

As for Hyundai Accent or Toyota Vios, the large sales are mainly due to the fact that it is assembled in the country, so the supply is adequate. Of which Toyota Vios, has been discounted by 20 to 30 million dong in many consecutive months to compete with Hyundai Accent. Therefore, it can be seen that when more Toyota Corolla Cross units are brought to Vietnam, the model is likely to have a higher position on the chart.



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