Toyota Corolla Cross price increased by 10 million VND on all versions

09 Jan 2022

In addition to the price increase, Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 will meet EURO 5 emission standards, in line with new regulations in Vietnam.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 bán ra tại Việt Nam sẽ đạt chuẩn khí thải EURO 5 và đồng thời sửa đổi lại tính năng ga tự động thích ứng.

Recently, sales consultants simultaneously announced the new selling price of Toyota Corolla Cross applied from January 3, 2022. Accordingly, all 3 versions of this popular C-SUV model have increased by 10 million VND, raising the new starting price from 730 million VND to 920 million VND for the highest model. Specifically, the pearl white colorway still costs an additional 8 million VND.


Version New price Old price Adjustment
Corolla Cross 1.8G 730.000.000 720.000.000 +10.000.000
Corolla Cross 1.8V 830.000.000 820.000.000
Corolla Cross 1.8HV 920.000.000 910.000.000



According to dealers, the price adjustment of Toyota Corolla Cross is due to the scarcity of necessary components for assembly at the Thai factory, leading to the increased cost of upgrading the engine to meet emission standards from EURO 4 to EURO 5. However, the 1.8V and 1.8HV versions have small changes in equipment. Specifically, the DRCC adaptive automatic throttle control system under Toyota Safety Sense technology package will operate at the full speed range instead of only being applied on the high-speed range as before.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 sold in Vietnam will meet EURO 5 emission standards, and at the same time modify the adaptive automatic throttle feature.

Currently, Toyota Corolla Cross is still the hottest model in the C-SUV segment, attracting the attention of many customers regardless of its assembled competitors offering a 50% discount on upfront registration fees. After adjusting the price, the price of Toyota Corolla Cross in general is still quite attractive as it is still cheaper than some other models such as Mazda CX-5 (839 million – 1,059 billion VND) or the just-launched Hyundai Tucson 2022 (825 million – 1.03 billion VND).

Not only Toyota Corolla Cross increases its price. A few days ago, Ford Ranger and Everest were also simultaneously adjusted to increase the selling price by about 12 million VND on all versions, raising the emission standard to EURO 5.



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