Toyota discontinues the Camry in Japan

27 Mar 2023

The D-size sedan will end its more than 40-year history in its home market, when sales in 2022 are less than 6,000 vehicles.

Hai chiếc Camry mang biển taxi dừng tại một điểm giao cắt ở Tokyo, tháng 6/2019. Ảnh: Vlchang

According to Nikkei Asia, Toyota has notified its dealers that it will discontinue the Camry for domestic market by the end of this year, while still continuing producing this model for export.

In Japan, the Camry will be ended in phases, and Toyota will almost no longer accept new orders. The new Camry models in development will only be sold in overseas markets.

The Camry, named after the Japanese word kanmuri, meaning “crown”, has been produced since 1982 with major manufacturers in the US, China and Japan. Since its launch, more than 1.3 million units of Camry have been sold just in Japan, with the price ranging from $26,400 to $35,500.

Globally, the Camry is available in more than 100 countries and territories, with cumulative sales of more than 21 million units through 2022, according to figures from Toyota and MarkLines. The current generation is the 10th  generation, launched since 2017.

The Camry is particularly popular in the U.S., where more than 13 million units are already owned. American customers prefer the Camry for its reliability, ease of operation and spacious interior. This sedan model was the best-selling model in the North American country for 15 years until 2016, when the RAV4 took the throne by following the trend of preference for high-roar cars. In the used car market, Camry is also popular thanks to its high resale value.

In China and Southeast Asia, the Camry is also one of the best-selling sedans. This product is still well received in many places with stable demand, as global sales in 2022 are around 600,000 vehicles.

As in Vietnam, in February, which is also the second consecutive month, Camry sells the most in the D-size sedan segment, far ahead of competitors with 249 vehicles delivered, accounting for more than half of sales of the whole segment. However, the D-size sedan segment is increasingly declining, letting high-roar cars to fill in.

In Japan it’s a different story. Fewer than 6,000 vehicles were sold in 2022, partly due to component shortages. Besides, SUVs and minivans are becoming increasingly attractive to Japanese customers and have a big impact on the sedan. Also last year, Nissan discontinued entirely production of the Fuga mid-size sedan. Similarly, Honda has also killed the Legend since late 2021.



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