Underbones, cub, and clutch motorbikes gradually loses ground

15 Aug 2022

According to a survey at motorbike dealers in Ho Chi Minh City, the cub segment is no longer popular, with many scooter models dominate the market.

Recently, motorbike dealers have only sparsely displayed a few models of motorbikes in hidden corners, which are difficult for customers to see.

An owner of a motorbike shop in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City – said that currently only working people or service drivers have the need to buy cubs. Other subjects, especially young people, all use the scooter.

“Dozens of people go to the store to check the price and buy a motorbike, only one chooses a clutch, the rest buy scooters. Only a few years from now, perhaps no one will even look at underbones or clutch bikes anymore. They are now outdated. Sometimes, having to perform many operations to ride the bike is annoying, especially for women” – explained the owner.

Recently, the disruption of the supply chain led to a lack of components, causing motorcycle manufacturers to push the price of scooters up very high, especially Honda Vietnam. Many scooter models of Honda Vietnam have a price difference of up to 20 million VND/unit compared to the proposed price. However, the consumption of scooters is still good, while the purchasing power of their manual counterpart is sluggish.

Dealers have had to manage many ways to sell these models such as discounting, giving gifts to buyers, but still cannot stimulate demand effectively. Companies are forced to join hands with dealers to make strong incentive programs to attract customers. For example, Honda offers customers who buy manual motorbikes 800,000 VND in cash, gifting phones, Bluetooth speakers, and helmets. Yamaha gives customers a gas redeem card worth 2 million dong. Customers who order one through the mobile application receive gifts such as phone, or scratch cards. Suzuki gives customers purchase coupon worth 3 million VND…

Many companies also have good policies for customers to buy cubs in installments. For example, 0% interest loan support, extended repayment period, simple verification procedures…


Source: autopro.com.vn

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