VinFast stops battery exchange service for EV

21 Oct 2022

VinFast has announced that it will stop implementing the battery exchange service for the EVs: Ludo, Impes, and Klara S- old version, in order to employ battery rental program. This new service will be applied from November 2022.


The reason to stop changing batteries given by VinFast is to focus more on developing battery rental services. Users of 3 models of Ludo, Impes and Klara S will be given 6 months of battery subscription, equivalent to 2.1 million VND, choosing the battery rental service will still be able to replace the new battery for free if the battery quality drops to 70%.

To show gratitude to customers who have trusted in choosing its electric motorbike, VinFast will give customers 6 months of free battery subscription. VinFast will contact customers to finalize a new service contract and activate the incentive program.

Previously, VinFast also announced to adjust the battery rental policy for electric motorcycles using LFP batteries, including Theon S, Vento S, Klara S (2022), Feliz S, Evo200 and Evo200 Lite.

From October 22, VinFast will adjust the battery subscription policy for new generation EV using LFP batteries, including Theon S, Vento S, Klara S (2022), Feliz S, Evo200 and Evo200 Lite. The brand will fix the battery rental price throughout the product life, instead of adjusting annually according to fluctuations in petrol and electricity prices as previously announced.

Along with adjusting the battery rental price, VinFast will apply a single subscription package for EV using LFP batteries sold, with a fee of 350,000 VND/month, unlimited travel distance. Customers can also buy the LFP battery pack that comes with the vehicle for 19.9 million VND.

For vehicles ordered before October 22, customers can still choose between two flexible battery subscription packages (limited to 500 km/month travel distance) and fixed package (unlimited travel distance) according to the content of the signed contract. From October 22, VinFast will charge a fee for each conversion of an electric motorbike battery subscription package, with a fee of VND 600,000/exchange.



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