What makes premium cars… premium?

02 Jan 2022

Regarding the purpose of a transportation being getting passengers from A to B, a normal car and a premium one is virtually identical. However, some would pay 3x or more for a premium experience. Why is that?

Each consumer will have his own set of standards to pick out the best options. In reality, aside from the main purpose of transportation, other values affect greatly the decision of purchase. Let’s discover some of the most noteworthy added benefits from a premium car that compels consumers to put money on the table.

Brand value

In each category, there are always brands with sky-high prices but still sold out. Their products are frequently among the most coveted products in the world. Owning a piece not only satisfies the needs of use, but also symbolizes luxury, raising the social position of the owner.

In the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz is a “monument” with the world’s leading technical and technological achievements. In particular, the German brand is always one that is loved and chosen by the wealthy, entertainment stars, and celebrities.


Product quality

The core value that makes up a luxury brand often comes from the quality of the product itself. To achieve the current position, Mercedes-Benz’s cars have undergone extensive research and experimentation.

Every detail on the vehicle is tested to simulate actual operating conditions up to tens of thousands of times. Taking the EQC model as an example, Mercedes-Benz has carried out more than 500 types of tests ranging from noise, vibration, impact tests, durability tests of specific parts, stability of electronic systems… Particularly for a seemingly simple detail, the door, to ensure smooth, sure, and durable operation, Mercedes-Benz has also tested dozens of opening and closing operations. Each scenario may take thousands of trial runs.


Safety value

The difference in safety values ​​of Mercedes-Benz is clearly and undisputedly shown through the feedback of the users themselves. The degree of deformation of the frame after the accident of popular cars with expensive luxury cars speaks for itself.

With 95% points for adult passenger protection, 89% points for child protection, 82% points for pedestrian protection, 71% points for safety assistance systems, GLC models were awarded an overall safety score of “5 Stars” by EURO NCAP – the highest level of safety assessment there is.


Premium customer service

With Mercedes-Benz’s after-sales service, customers are simply handed the keys, then receive their car with peace of mind and satisfaction. They never have to worry about how the car is taken care of, whether the replacement parts are genuine, whether the operation of a technical expert is guaranteed…

Mercedes-Benz’s professionalism has been confirmed by third parties such as JDPower through Customer Service Index (CSI) assessments over the years.


Resale value

There still exists a common belief that, when reselling, old luxury cars will depreciate more than normal cars. But in reality, the resale price will depend on the value of each vehicle.

A Mercedes-Benz sales expert shared that only units with an unclear maintenance history lose a significant amount of resale value. If you are concerned about the resale value of your Mercedes-Benz car, take proper care of the vehicle, and only perform technical services at authorized dealers to ensure and demonstrate that the car has the same quality as when it was first purchased through the information clearly stored by the company.

There are prices that are not for the masses, but luxury cars, like other luxury products, possess expensive values ​​that you cannot find on regular cars. Despite the multitudes of difference in price, customers have never felt unsatisfied in these transactions.


Source: autopro.com.vn

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