Which motorbikes dominated the market in 2021?

15 Jan 2022

With multiple advantages in equipment as well as design, Honda models continues to triumph in the Vietnamese market in terms of sales.

Xe máy nào "đắt hàng" nhất năm 2021 tại Việt Nam? - 1

Under the impact of Covid-19, 2021 was a difficult year for the Vietnamese motorcycle market when demand steeply decreased. According to data provided by the VAMM, a total of 2,492,372 motorcycles were sold in 2021, down by 8.12% compared to 2020.

Honda continued to be the leading name in the market with a total of 1,992,365 motorbikes sold in 2021, accounting for 79.9% of the market share, up by 1% compared to 2020. In which, Vision was Honda’s most successful motorcycle model with a total of 490,613 units sold in 2021, accounting for 24.6% of total Honda motorcycle sales. This is the best-selling motorcycle in Vietnam in the past year.

Despite suffering from flat sales for 5 consecutive months due to the 3rd outbreak of the pandemic, in the last months of 2021, Vision’s sales rocketed. In December 2021 alone, a total of 62,607 Vision units were sold.

As a low-cost scooter model brought to the market by Honda since 2011, Vision had quickly gained the love of Vietnamese consumers. For many years, the product has taken the leading position in the domestic sales of scooters. Vision itself is also a model that has received many improvements from Honda. In the latest generation, it dons a sporty, compact, but convenient design with a spacious trunk, a USB charging port, and a front storage compartment. In addition, the bike is also equipped with SmartKey and Idling Stop (on Special and Premium versions). With a light weight, the eSP 110cc engine meets the needs of traveling on the street, and is especially efficient in fuel consumption with a consumption of only 1.88 liters of gasoline per 100km.

Currently, Vision has 4 different versions with prices from VND 30.29 million.


Source: 24.com.vn

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