Yamaha Limi 125 2022: Compact and flexible

19 Oct 2021

With a compact design, the scooter is a good choice for flexible mobility on the street.

As a popular compact scooter line in Taiwan, the Japanese automaker recently launched the latest version 2022 for Limi 125 for this market.

Not much has changed about the design of the Limi 125 2022, with the typical design language of the Limi series making an appearance with enhanced compactness. Overall dimensions are only 1725 × 715 × 1100mm in length x width x height. The seat height is 755mm tall and vehicle weight is 97kg. The scooter still uses tubeless tires with sizes 90/90 – 10 for both front and rear wheels.

The front mask on the Yamaha Limi 125 2022 is rather neat with a large central headlight cluster. Turn signal lights, side-swiping daytime positioning lights, and compact rear lights all use modern LED technology to ensure brightness as well as increase durability and energy efficiency.

Limi 125 2022 owns a wide-angle steering handle and a full LCD infotainment that displays all parameters. In addition, the Limi 125 2022 also has spacious legroom and a handy storage compartment. Despite still using a mechanical key, it has a handy USB charging port right above the lock.

In terms of power, Yamaha Limi 125 2022 is equipped with a single-cylinder 125cc engine block. The scooter is quite flexible and saves fuel during use.

The current price of the Yamaha Limi 125 2022 in Taiwan is equivalent to 58.5 million VND.

Source: 24h.com.vn

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