Yamaha MT-Series in Vietnam enjoys up to VND 30 million VND in discount

10 Jul 2022

RevZone Yamaha Motor applies promotions for the MT-Series naked bike, Yamaha R7 sportsbike, and Yamaha Tracer 9 sport touring.

RevZone Yamaha Motor

Starting from July 5 to the end of August 15, Revzone Yamaha Motor officially launches the promotional program “Summer Sales – Super summer deals” with multiple incentives for customers wishing to buy big bikes.

Currently, Yamaha MT-Series in Vietnam is being sold in the market with a total of 5 versions, including MT-15, MT-03, MT-07, MT-09, and MT-10. However, this program only applies to all MT models excluding MT-15. Specifically, Yamaha MT-03 has a discount of 4 million VND, MT-07 has a discount of 7 million VND, MT-09 has a discount of 17 million VND, and finally MT-10 has a discount of up to 30 million VND.

Yamaha Tracer 9

Yamaha R-Series sports motorcycles are being marketed with 4 models: R15, R3, R7, and R1. This promotion only applies to the all-new Yamaha R7 model with a discount of up to 17 million.

The last model to enjoy Yamaha’s summer promotion is the latest Tracer 9 with a sport touring design. According to Yamaha’s announcement, the model will have a discount of 12 million VND. In addition to special offers for each model, customers making a purchase during the promotion period will also receive a free voucher for buying fashion accessories and a free rescue package.

In terms of price, Yamaha motorcycle models are currently priced from VND 129 million to VND 469 million. With the summer promotion program, customers can save a lot of costs. The specific prices of Yamaha motorcycles without promotion are as follows:

  • Yamaha MT-03 – 129 million VND
  • Yamaha MT-07 – 259 million VND
  • Yamaha R7 – 269 million VND
  • New Yamaha MT-09 – 345 million VND
  • Yamaha MT-09 SP – 369 million VND
  • New Yamaha Tracer 9 – 369 million VND
  • Yamaha MT-10 – 469 million VND
  • Yamaha MT-10 SP – 519 million VND


Source: tinxe.vn

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