Focus Group Discussions

  • Focus Group Discussion is used to provide information and guidance about a particular problem through the use of group dynamics.
  • Group dynamics simply means a relatively small group of interested people can, by talking among themselves and with a moderator, produce more valuable thoughts and ideas than if each participant were interviewed separately.
  • The great strength of the focus group for marketing research is its facility to allow free discussion and thought about the problem under discussion.
  • Guiding, not leading, is what makes a good moderator. But focus group findings and ideas are not projectable.


Focus Group Discussions

  • Describe the users’ profiles.
  • Predict the attractiveness of product attributes.
  • Evaluate the product image.
  • Evaluate packaging.
  • Evaluate price.
  • Determine the purchase patterns.
  • Judge advertising strategy.
  • Spot product deficiencies.
  • Evaluate competitive products.
  • Generate new-product ideas.



Focus Group Discussions

  • The group should not have less than six or more than ten participants.
  • The group of participants should have enough knowledge of and experience with the type of problem to be discussed to advance meaningful ideas and reactions.
  • Sponsors should set criteria for a sample of the participants.
  • Participants must feel that they are taking part in a creative discovery that is both worthwhile and interesting.
  • Payment should be in line with local custom and with the nature of the people chosen.

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