Mitsubishi Xpander và Outlander receive great incentive in June 2021

The promotion can be applied for all Mitsubishi models which are genuinely distributed in Vietnam in June 2021.

Saigon: Up sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, Honda Civic reduced by nearly 100 million VND

The price reduction of Honda Civic in June increased by more than 20 million VND compared to the previous month. Many dealers also launched accessories promotions as well as other support, so the total incentive amount was reduced by nearly 100 million.

Toyota launched a huge offer for the new Wigo version up to 20 million

The new Toyota Wigo version upgrades the entertainment system with a touch screen that connects to smartphones and offers a preferential package worth up to VND 20 million including PVC leather seat covers, genuine Toyota glass film and a package genuine warranty up to 5 years/150,000km, for all customers who sign a contract from 1/6/2021 and pay in full for Toyota Wigo new version from 7/6/2021 to 31/ December 2021.

Increase convenience and incentives for customers buying Toyota Rush

Toyota Vietnam increase value chains for customer who buy Rush. The model upgraded the entertainment system to a 7-inch touch screen connected to smartphones.

New generation Audi Q2 launched in Vietnamese market, priced at more than 1.6 billion dong

The upgraded Audi Q2 is an outstanding powerful compact SUV that emphasizes its sporty design and comes at a fairly affordable price point.

BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe 2022 officially launched with more impressive appearance and handling ability

BMW has just launched the second generation 4-Series Gran Coupe, which is expected to launch in the US market in August this year. The BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe 2022 has a large design and handling that is said to be significantly better than its predecessor.

The new generation Lexus NX is scheduled to launch next week

The new generation Lexus NX is scheduled to launch next week

Being offered in Vietnam, BMW M5 CS as customer dissatisfaction because of the big gap in prices

M5 CS – the fastest and strongest BMW in the history is being fiercely criticized due to the unbelievable price gap in the big market.


In the Chinese market, the Ford Transit Pro 2021 is priced from 163,800 to 233,800 yuan (about 582 to 830 million VND)


The purpose of this complex will not only provide a supply source for TC Motor’s current automobile production and business activities, but also aim to export to regional markets. Two days after the commencement of the second assembly plant in Ninh Binh, today (September 22, 2020) Thanh Cong Group continues to groundbreakingly invest in a […]


Hyundai has officially introduced in Vietnam the mid-sized Mighty EX8 GT which will be sold for approximately 695 million VND, VAT included. Hyundai Vietnam has introduced the Mighty EX8 GT in domestic markets as a strategy in their commercial vehicle business. The model is a mid-sized truck, inheriting multiple outstanding features of the Mighty EX […]


Ford Vietnam joins in the battle against Covid-19 by gifting negative-pressure ambulance Transit, valued approximately 2 billion VND to Central Tropical Hospital. Accordingly, as an action of heeding the call for support from the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, Ford Vietnam has gifted 01 unit of negative-pressure ambulance Transit at proximately 2 billion VND […]

The price of the Yamaha Exciter 155 in June 2021 suddenly levelled off and significantly reduce.

Yamaha Exciter 155 was simultaneously sold by Yamaha Towns in Hanoi at the same price as the proposed price. While some Yamaha dealers in the province, the price of this king of clutch scooter has decreased below the proposal by nearly 2 million dong.

The price of Honda Wave Alpha continues to increase, 2 million VND higher than the listed price

Honda Wave Alpha 110 2021 continues to keep the selling price at dealers quite high compared to the proposed price of the Japanese automaker with a difference of up to 2 million VND.

Vietnam will consume an additional 20 million motorbikes before saturation

Forecasts show that the proportion of people using motorcycles tends to increase, from 57% in 2019 to 71% in 2030. This will be the highest rate in the world.

Near the New Year of Tan Suu 2021, the price of motorbikes has decreased significantly

As Lunar New Year approaches, car manufacturers continuously launch promotions and discounts for motorbikes to serve the needs of consumers.

Launched heavy-duty scooter Honda NSS 750 2021

With a series of new equipment, NSS gives users a powerful and impressive scooter model.

The latest updated price list of Piaggio scooters in June 2021

Piaggio scooters currently have a stable selling price at dealers, of those Liberty is considered a very attractive edition.

The price of Honda scooters in the current Covid-19 epidemic situation, Honda SH reduced to about 80 million VND

At the beginning of June 2021, the price of Honda Scooters at some dealer in areas affected by Covid 19 has been significantly decreased, mention to the king of scooter Honda SH.

Piaggio Vespa adds a new color collection: Live young and vibrant

Continuing the trendy youthful and fashionable style, the Piaggio Vespa range is now even more attractive with the new Color Collection 2021, conveying the message of Italian sophistication and lifestyle.

Official appearance of Kawasaki Ninja 650 2022 with new color series

Kawasaki Ninja 650 2022 – the versatile Sport touring model currently on sale in Vietnam has just added a new color series for the 2022 version.

Husqvarna – Swedish motorcycle company is about to enter Vietnam

The first models of Husqvarna are expected to return to Vietnam in July and the showroom will operate from August 2021.


The new versions of Suzuki Satria F150 2021 has 3 new colour options: White – Red – Black, Blue-Black and Matte Red – Black with a price of 51.99 million VND

Yamaha Exciter 135 2021 revealed, priced at 39 million VND

Yamaha Exciter 135 in the Malaysian market is known as Yamaha 135LC. The model has just got a 2021 version with a new color and the price is only 39 million VND

The difficulty of the last domestic giant in the Vietnamese beer market

Hanoi Beer is the leading beer in the North, but this region only accounts for 35% of the total consumption of the entire beer industry in Vietnam. Meanwhile, this brand is fading in the South. After ThaiBev approved the legal entity Vietnam Beverage acquired 53.6% capital of Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation (Sabeco), […]

Sabeco and Habeco “recovered” in the second quarter

Sabeco and Habeco both had better business results in the second quarter, “recovering” compared to the first quarter, both with higher revenue growth than before. Before being transferred to Thai bosses, Sabeco and Habeco were two brotherly enterprises in the alcohol and beverage industry in Vietnam. If Sabeco is the market leader, Habeco will also […]

The lost revenue of beer industry

The revenue and profit of the beer companies leading the market share in Vietnam both fell sharply in the first quarter, although they prospered again in the second quarter, the wave of Covid-19 was spreading again, continuing to put pressure on the business situation of this industry. Sabeco – the market leader in beer market […]

Advertising crisis for the beer industry

On January 1, 2020, according to the Law on Prevention of Harm of Alcohol 44/2019 / QH14, under which alcohol-related advertisements are banned during the golden hour from 18:00 to 21:00 daily. In addition, the Law also restricts many provisions related to alcohol-related advertising, especially if advertising on websites, electronic information, and electronic media, there […]

Beer dealers are facing great pressure because of a sharp drop in demand in major cities

The volatile economic market has created a great pressure on retailers. Along with that, the outbreak of the epidemic reappeared also greatly affected many different industries such as tourism, food services, restaurants and hotels, especially not to mention the beer industry in Vietnam. According to the financial magazine of the Information Agency of the Ministry […]

Adverse effects on the beer industry during the recurrence of disease in Vietnam

The communiqué 19th brought Da Nang back to a state of social isolation and complied with high-level COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures at 0:00 on July 28, 2020. Therefore, a series of business locations in the Horeca channel in Da Nang are making the consumption of alcohol become “isolation” again. According to Ms. Truong Thi Hong […]

Key factors influencing beer consumption behavior due to disease and Decree 100

Beer sales have fallen by at least 25% because of Decree 100 recently. For many decades, urban people have always had the habit of consuming beer after work or on important occasions such as holidays, new year, weddings, weddings to celebrate with everyone and reduce stress in life. With many people thinking that drinking a […]

Who will inherit benefits from the cheap capital?

After the SBV’s decision to lower interest rates on September 30, 2020, is the 3rd executive interest rate lowering decision since the beginning of the year, plus a period of lowering important interest rates, the cost of capital already exists. conditions to return to a new low. Before the State Bank lowered the operating interest […]

Banking service fees – explanation of experts

When a customer transfers money, at least the banking system must send 3 messages to the remitter and receive the money, not to mention a customer who is late in entering the OTP or incorrectly entered … the bank must send it again. Although the current fee for e-banking services of major banks is considered […]

Banks raced on the stock exchange to dodge new regulations

TTO – From January 1, 2021 when the Law on Securities takes effect, it is not until after 2 years since the first transaction date on UPCoM system that a public company can submit an official listing registration dossier. Banks are racing to catch up on the exchange.  Lien Viet Post Bank (LienVietPostBank), the stock […]

The door is open for pharmaceutical imports

The drug supply network in Vietnam includes 1,910 domestic pharmaceutical companies and 30 foreign-invested enterprises. For the first time, a pharmaceutical import license was awarded to a multinational corporation. The pressure increased Sanofi-Aventis Vietnam Limited (Sanofi Vietnam) has just become the first multinational pharmaceutical corporation in Vietnam eligible for drug import. “In recent years, Sanofi […]

Accelerate digitalization of pharmaceutical data in Vietnam in the next three years

Vietnam’s annual pharmaceutical industry worth 6 billion USD is expected to digitize 100% valid information and drug data for circulation by 2023 and update it to the pharmacy data bank at VN drugbank. Updating the information technology application to transform the pharmaceutical industry, the Drug Administration of Vietnam (the Ministry of Health) since 2018 has […]

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