Yamaha Finn upgraded version launched, running nearly 100 km/liter of gasoline

24 Sep 2023

The upgraded Yamaha Finn is equipped with a single-cylinder SOHC engine, 115 cc in capacity, electronic fuel injection. The engine assembled on the Yamaha Finn 2024 is imported from the Yamaha factory in Vietnam.


Yamaha Finn, also known as Jupiter Finn in the Vietnamese market, has recently seen an upgraded version introduced in Thailand. This updated model boasts 8 different color options and is accompanied by a new set of decals. The pricing varies from 41,200 Baht (equivalent to 28 million VND) to 46,900 Baht (31.85 million VND), depending on the version.

In the Thai market, the Honda Future 125 FI, which competes with Yamaha Finn, features halogen lighting and a sporty analog dashboard. It offers a choice between 17-inch cast rims or spokes, with the highest version sporting yellow-painted rims. The seat cover comes in both two-tone and monochrome options depending on the version.

In terms of utility, the Yamaha Finn 2024 comes equipped with a 9.7-liter trunk, a front storage compartment, multi-function locks, and easy locking controls. This, combined with the convenience of opening the trunk and seat, enhances the practicality of the vehicle. The model is equipped with a single front disc brake and a rear drum brake. The standard version employs drum brakes for both wheels.


The 2024 Yamaha Finn is powered by a SOHC, single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 115 cc and electronic fuel injection. The engine used in the Yamaha Finn 2024 is reportedly imported from the Yamaha factory in Vietnam. The company stated that the Finn features an ECU electronic control system to enhance fuel efficiency, is compatible with E20 fuel, and has a fuel tank capacity of 4 liters. The vehicle can achieve a maximum speed of 119 km/h and has a fuel consumption rate of 96.16 km/liter of gasoline.

Given this recent upgrade in Thailand, there is speculation that new versions of this model may also make their way to the Vietnamese market in the near future. In Vietnam, the Yamaha Jupiter Finn is available in two genuine versions, including a standard version priced at 27.7 million VND and a premium version priced at 28.2 million VND. In the same segment, the Honda Future 125 FI model offers three versions, with higher prices ranging from 30.5 million VND for the standard version to 32.2 million VND for the special version.


Source: cafeauto.com.vn

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