Honda introduces electronic clutch for motorbikes

12 Oct 2023

The Japanese motorbike company introduces a new electronic clutch for motorbikes, working in parallel with the mechanical clutch.

Honda has unveiled the E-Clutch, an innovative electronic clutch designed for motorcycles. Although the specific model for which the E-Clutch was developed has not been disclosed, the accompanying video suggests its application in high-displacement vehicles.

Honda E-Clutch electronic clutch installed on manual clutch vehicle.  Photo: Honda

The E-Clutch operates alongside the conventional mechanical clutch, offering riders the option to activate or deactivate it. This feature grants the flexibility of either driving a manual clutch motorcycle in the traditional manner or utilizing the electronic clutch for seamless gear shifts without the need to engage the clutch. This functionality is reminiscent of a two-way quickshift system or an automatic gearshift.

According to Honda, the E-Clutch delivers instantaneous control over the clutch, optimizing performance during upshifts and downshifts. The electronic clutch facilitates smooth starts, shifts, and stops, eliminating the necessity for manual clutch engagement.

Furthermore, the E-Clutch boasts a lightweight and compact design, allowing for straightforward installation in the engines of most manual clutch motorcycles without requiring extensive modifications.



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