Yea Saying

Yea Saying: see acquiescence bias.

Acquiescence Bias

Acquiescence Bias (aka “yea saying” or “friendliness effect”): A systematic bias caused by some respondents tending to agree with whatever is presented to them. Such a bias may be caused by either respondents or interviewers being overly friendly during interviews.

Web Site Survey (aka HTML Survey)

Web Site Survey (aka HTML Survey) is a questionnaire that is based on a web site. Potential respondents are invited to participate in the survey (by a banner advert or other message) and then they are given a link to a satellite site where they complete a questionnaire. The survey is completed online and respondents […]

Virtual Group

Virtual Group is a general term to cover any form of group discussion that is convened using electronic means and participants do not see each other. Examples of virtual groups are online group discussions, moderated e-mail groups (MEGs), and chat rooms.

Verbatim (aka Verbatim Statement)

Verbatim (aka Verbatim Statement) is a reproduction of all of a respondent’s opinion of an object or concept word-for-word, without any omissions, abbreviations, or interpretations by the interviewer.

Verbal Rating Scales

Verbal Rating Scales are those that require respondents to indicate their position by selecting among orally identified categories.

Verbal Protocols

Verbal Protocols is a technique used to understand respondents’ thought processes while they are performing a task or making a decision by asking them to think aloud.

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram is a graphical method of representing operations on sets that are often used to illustrate probabilities.

Variable Respecification

Variable Respecification is the transformation of data to create new variables (or modify existing variables) so that they are more consistent with the objectives of the study.

VALS (Values and Lifestyle)

VALS (Values and Lifestyle) is a psychographic segmentation system offered by the Stanford Research Institute.

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