The average is a general term that is used to represent or summarise the relevant features of a set of values. The arithmetic mean is often used as a measure of average, but the median and the mode can also be used to summarize a set of values.


The audit has two definitions in the context of Marketing Research. A Store Audit is a method of determining the number of product units that have been sold by counting physical units in stores and combining that with a knowledge of the number ordered and stock levels.

Aided Awareness

Aided Awareness: see prompted awareness.

Ad Hoc Research

Ad Hoc Research is research that is specifically designed to address a particular problem or issue. Ad hoc research is usually conducted when there is insufficient existing information. Ad hoc projects are usually single pieces of research rather than part of a continuous program.

Accompanied Shopping

Accompanied Shopping is a form of observation study where an interviewer accompanies a respondent (with his or her agreement) as they go shopping.

Kelly Repertory Gridy values

Kelly Repertory Grid is a qualitative research technique that aims to describe how potential consumers perceive products. Participants are presented with three attributes and they are asked to think of ways in which two are similar to each other but different from the third.

Z Test

Z Test is a statistical test that is based on the standard normal distribution.

Gain Score

Gain Score is the difference between pre-treatment and post-treatment measurements.

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