The utility is the worth or value of each level of each variable relative to the other levels.

Univariate Techniques

Univariate Techniques are forms of statistical analysis that are used where there is a single measure of each variable or where each variable is measured in isolation of other variables.

Unforced Rating Scale

Unforced Rating Scale is a scale that allows a neutral or no opinion choice.

Undisguised Observation

Undisguised Observation is the observation of behavior or events with participants’ knowledge.

Unbiased Questions

Unbiased Questions are those that are worded so that they do not influence respondents’ opinions

Unwillingness Error

Unwillingness Error is where respondents are reluctant to answer a particular question. This may be because too much effort is required, the situation or context is not seen as appropriate for disclosure, no legitimate purpose or need is seen for the information requested, or the information is seen as sensitive.

Usage & Attitude Surveys (U&A)

Usage & Attitude Surveys (U&A) are research projects that aim to describe users (and non-users) of a product, together with their attitudes towards the product.

Numerical Scale

Numerical Scale is a type of scale where the intervals are represented by numbers (as opposed to pictures or words).

Null Hypothesis

Null Hypothesis is a statement to be tested that is usually expressed in a negative (or null) way and suggests that no difference or effect is expected. If the statement is disproved, then the null hypothesis is rejected and the alternative hypothesis is accepted.

Non-sampling error

Non-sampling error is an error caused by factors other than sampling error. Examples of non- sampling errors are selection bias. Population misspecification error, sampling frame error, processing error, respondent error, non-response error, instrument error, interviewer error, and surrogate error. Norm is the standardized or hypothesized value against which a sample statistic is compared.

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