Hidden Issue Questioning

Hidden Issue Questioning is a technique used during depth interviews that aims to identify significant personal views that would otherwise not be revealed by respondents using a direct approach.

Head of Household

Head of Household is that member of the household who is responsible for the household having that accommodation, either by owning, renting, or having it rent-free. Where two or more people share this responsibility, the researcher should specify who to include in the study.

Halo Effect

Halo Effect is a form of response bias where a respondent carries an overall generalized positive or negative impression from one specific character to the next, eg if a respondent considers a product to be excellent, then he or she is likely to rate the product highly on taste, appearance, and texture, etc. Hand Tab […]

Hall Test

Hall Test is where research participants are invited to a central location to participate in some (usually quantitative) market research.

Z Value

Z Value is the number of standard deviations a point on distribution is away from the mean.

Group Effect

Group Effect is a typical bias that occurs in face-to-face group discussions where some participants moderate their opinions in order to go along with a majority view of the rest of the group. The result of a group effect is that a consensus may not be representative of all the opinions present in the group. […]

Continuous Rating Scale (aka graphic rating scale)

Continuous Rating Scale (aka graphic rating scale) is a type of non-comparative scale that offers respondents a form of the continuum (such as a line) on which to provide a rating of an object according to a criterion.

Graphic Rating Scale

Graphic Rating Scale: see continuous rating scale.

Goodness of Fit Test

The goodness of Fit Test is a statistical test of non-parametric data to determine whether the results from research are consistent with the expected results from a particular hypothesis. Examples are Chi-Square goodness of fit and Kolmogorov Smirnov test.

Geodemographic Information

Geodemographic Information is based on a combination of demographics (age, gender, life-cycle stage, and occupation) with geographical area.

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