Brief (aka Briefing)

Brief (aka Briefing) can have two similar meanings in the context of Marketing Research. A Brief can be a statement (usually in writing) of a business problem that could be alleviated by conducting some marketing research. Briefs are normally written by a client company for a research supplier and they usually have a background and […]


Booster refers to additional interviews involving a particular sub-group of a sample to ensure there are sufficient members of the sub-group in the resulting sample.

Blind Testing

Blind Testing is the testing of products with potential consumers where brand names, packaging, and other identifying items have been removed.


BenchMark: see baseline.

Base Line (aka Bench Mark or Pre-wave)

Base Line (aka Bench Mark or Pre-wave) is the result of a study conducted to obtain a snapshot or reading of current conditions prior to some change in market conditions or the introduction of some test conditions. The result is then used as a standard for comparison with subsequent studies.


The base is the required number of interviews to be completed.

Back Translation

Back Translation is a validation process where a survey is first translated into another language and then translated back into the original language by a different person. The objective is to ensure that the original translation is accurate.

Back Checking

Back Checking: see validation.


Awareness is a measure of respondents’ knowledge of an object or an idea. There are two main measures of awareness: spontaneous (or unaided) and prompted (or aided) awareness.

Average Opportunities

Average Opportunities: see frequency.

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