Debrief is the presentation of research findings to clients.

Data Processing

Data Processing is the counting and tabulation of raw facts (ie data) into a form that is suitable for future use. This term is usually associated with computer tabulations.

Data Entry (aka Transcribing)

Data Entry (aka Transcribing) is the act of inputting data into a database.

Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning: see editing.


Cross-tabulation is a table that shows the frequency and/or percentage of respondents who gave various answers to a question in a survey, and which simultaneously shows these answers for various sub-groups of respondents.

Cost per Interview

Cost per Interview is determined by dividing the total budget for a project by the number of completed interviews.


Correlation is the existence of a relationship between two variables (which may or may not be a causal relationship – correlation on its own does not infer causality).

Copy Testing

Copy Testing is a method of determining the degree of understanding, impact, awareness, and believability that an ad may generate. Respondents are shown the ad, then they are questioned about their opinions.

Consumer Survey

Consumer Survey is an investigation of the behavior, preferences, attitudes, or opinions of a target group sample, collected through a questionnaire.

Consumer Satisfaction Surveys

Consumer Satisfaction Surveys are studies that aim to determine consumers’ opinions about the quality of goods and services offered by a business. They can include qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

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