Executive Interviews (aka Business-to-Business Interviews)

Executive Interviews (aka Business-to-Business Interviews) are interviews with business people or experts within a particular field. Executive interviews are often used where the majority of knowledge of a subject is held by a minority of people.

Eligible Respondent

An eligible Respondent is a person who meets certain criteria set for a particular study and thus qualifies to be included in the study. Respondents may be qualified on characteristics such as age, income, the brand used, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria are specified characteristics that potential participants must possess in order to be involved in a particular research project.

Editing (aka Data Cleaning)

Editing (aka Data Cleaning) involves examining each completed questionnaire to ensure that the proper sequence of questions has been asked, the answers are clear and consistent and they have been correctly marked.

Double-barrelled Questions

Double-barrelled questions are those that ask two questions at the same time. They can confuse respondents and answers to such questions are uninterpretable because it is not possible to determine which question the answer refers to.

Door-to-Door Survey

Door-to-Door Survey is a survey where the interviews are conducted in pre-selected areas involving knocking on the doors of homes to find qualified respondents.

DK (Don’t Know)

DK (Don’t Know) is the abbreviation recorded when a respondent lacks the knowledge to provide an answer to a question.

Distribution Check

Distribution Check is a check and recording of the availability of specific items in stores.


Disqualifier is an answer to a question that makes the respondent ineligible to participate in the research project.

Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide is an outline of the subjects to be discussed during group discussions and/or in-depth interviews.

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