NA (No Answer)

NA (No Answer) is the accepted abbreviation to indicate no response to a question because the respondent refused to reply, the question did not apply or it was skipped for some reason.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a type of observation study where someone is sent into a business location to act in the role of a customer to evaluate the performance of a business or an employee.

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions are those that ask respondents to select one or more alternatives from a set.

Multiple Answers

Multiple Answers are when more than one answer is acceptable for the same question.

Multi-dimensional Scaling

Multi-dimensional Scaling is a perceptual mapping technique that represents the perceptions and preferences of respondents as a spatial map. The axes of each map are the underlying dimensions that respondents use to form their preferences and perceptions.


The monitor is a quality control measure that may involve observing, auditing, and checking the interviewing to ensure that the required procedures are followed and to give feedback and instruction to the interviewers. Monitoring is one means of validating or giving assurance that data is collected from qualified respondents who are interviewed under prescribed conditions. […]

Monadic Evaluation (aka Single Product Test)

Monadic Evaluation (aka Single Product Test) is a study or part of a study in which the respondents evaluate only one stimulus on its own merits and there is no comparison with other stimuli. The stimulus can be a product, a concept, or an advertisement, etc.


Moderator is someone who leads (but does not influence the outcome of) group discussions and/or in-depth interviews.


Median is a measure of central tendency that identifies the middle-point value (or 50th percentile) in a set of values when they are arranged in order of magnitude.

Mean (aka arithmetic mean)

Mean (aka arithmetic mean) is a summary measure of central tendency that is equal to the sum of a set of values divided by the number of values in the data.

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