Identification information

Identification information lists details such as the name and address of participants in a market research project whereby they can be identified.

Funnel Approach

Funnel Approach is a way of ordering questions in a questionnaire so that general questions are asked before specific questions. This ordering avoids the responses to specific questions biasing the answers to general questions.

Front-of-mind Awareness (aka Top-of-mind Awareness)

Front-of-mind Awareness (aka Top-of-mind Awareness) is a measure of how readily a brand name or concept comes to respondents’ minds. It is the first answer to questions such as unaided brand awareness.

Frequency Distribution

Frequency Distribution is a representation of the number of counts of objects or responses, usually in the form of a table or graph.

Focus Group (aka Focus Group Interview or Group Discussion)

Focus Group (aka Focus Group Interview or Group Discussion) is a type of qualitative research that consists of an informal discussion of a particular topic with a small number of selected participants (usually 8-12). The discussion is guided by a skilled moderator who does not influence the outcome but ensures that all the subject areas […]


Fieldwork is a general term that refers to any data gathering process.

Field Force

Field Force refers to the interviewers and supervisors who are involved in data collection.


The field is the physical location where the interviewing takes place.

Factor Analysis

Factor Analysis is a form of multivariate analysis that takes a large number of variables or objects and aims to identify a small number of factors that explain the interrelations among the variables or objects.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary is a document that summarises all the sections of a market research report.

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