The deviation is the difference between the mean and an observed value.

Desk Research

Desk Research is the systematic examination of all available secondary data in the context of a particular marketing research problem.


Design: see research design.

Depth Interview

Depth Interview: see the in-depth interview.

Demographic Information

Demographic Information is based on the age, gender, life-cycle stage, income, and occupation of consumers.


Debrief is the presentation of research findings to clients.

Data Processing

Data Processing is the counting and tabulation of raw facts (ie data) into a form that is suitable for future use. This term is usually associated with computer tabulations.

Data Entry (aka Transcribing)

Data Entry (aka Transcribing) is the act of inputting data into a database.

Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning: see editing.


Cross-tabulation is a table that shows the frequency and/or percentage of respondents who gave various answers to a question in a survey, and which simultaneously shows these answers for various sub-groups of respondents.

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