Proportionate Stratified Sample

Proportionate Stratified Sample is a type of probability sample where the probability of a unit being selected from a stratum is proportional to the number of units in the stratum.

Prompt Material

Prompt Material is any material that is shown to participants in research projects.


Prompting is where respondents are made aware of the possible answers to questions by an interviewer either reading them out or showing some material during the research.

Prompted Awareness (aka Aided Awareness)

Prompted Awareness (aka Aided Awareness) is the percentage of respondents who claim to have seen something (eg a brand or an advert) after having been shown some form of stimulus material.

Projective Techniques (aka Enabling Techniques)

Projective Techniques (aka Enabling Techniques) is a form of disguised questioning that encourages participants to attribute their feelings, beliefs, or motivations to another person, object or situation. Examples of projective techniques are word association, sentence completion, and thematic apperception tests.


The profile is a general term that covers the description of a population of interest (or a sub-group) according to certain characteristics. For example, a demographic profile describes consumers in terms of their age, gender, life-cycle stage, and occupation.

Product Placement Test

Product Placement Test can refer to two types of tests: a home-use test, where participants evaluate products in their own homes or in a natural usage context. It can also refer to a test where products are placed on retail shelves to observe the rate of sale.


Probing is the asking of additional questions to encourage a respondent to enlarge on a particular answer or opinion so that their answer can be further understood by the researcher.

Probability Sample

Probability Sample is a sample where all units in the population of interest have a known and non- zero chance of being selected. Examples of probability samples are simply random, Systematic, Stratified, and Cluster.

Primary Data

Primary Data is data that is collected specifically for a current research project.

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