Yamaha Finn 2024 launches in Southeast Asia

13 Aug 2023

The Japanese motorcycle brand has introduced a model upgraded from Jupiter Finn with color changes and new stamp set, priced from $1,200.

Yamaha Finn 2024 ra mắt Đông Nam Á - VnExpress

Yamaha Finn is another name for Jupiter Finn in the Thai market. Similar to Vietnam, Finn competes with Honda Future 125 FI in this field. The two-wheeler model is aimed at customers appealed by durability and elegance.

In the 2024 version, Yamaha refreshes the Finn with a modern look. Finn 2024 gives Thai customers a choice of 9 new colors for the outfit, in addition to a sportier stamp set. Finn 2024 sells 4 versions, priced from 1,200-1,400 USD.

Aside from the new paint color, other details of the 2024 Finn remain the same as the current version. The vehicle is equipped with halogen lighting from the front light cluster to the taillights. It has a sporty analog instrument panel. There has two option of 17-inch molded rim or spokes. Two-tone or monochromatic saddle wrap is furnished depending on the version.

Utilities of the 2024 Finn include a front storage compartment and an under-seat compartment with a capacity of 9.7 liters. Its safety equipment has single disc brakes on the front wheel and drum brakes on the rear one, meanwhile the standard version uses drum brakes for both wheels.

The 2024 Yamaha Finn is an applied SOHC, single-cylinder, 115 cubic centimeters engine with electronic fuel injection. This engine is imported from Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Yamaha Jupiter Finn is on authorized sale with two versions, including standard one at 27.7 million and premium one at 28.2 million VND. Competitor Honda Future 125 FI has 3 versions, including standard one at 30.5 million, high-end one at 31.7 million and special one at 32.2 million VND.


Source: vnexpress.net

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