Yamaha Tricera – 3-wheeled electric motorbike to be launched

14 Oct 2023

Yamaha will bring to the Japan Mobility Show a series of new electric vehicle models, including the Tricera with a special design.

The Yamaha Tricera is a visionary concept featuring two front wheels and a single rear wheel, presenting a design that seems to have sprung from the realms of science fiction. This innovative trike offers a unique steering system where both the front and rear wheels can turn in sync or in opposite directions, heightening maneuverability and stability. Moreover, the option to disengage the rear-wheel steering is available, providing drivers with varied experiences.

The Tricera’s futuristic aesthetic includes distinctive air intakes stretching from the front of the vehicle to the dashboard region. This design facilitates an airflow over the heads of both the driver and passenger, eliminating the necessity for helmets to shield against wind resistance.

The seating arrangement exhibits lateral shoulder supports, resembling a protective structure in the event of a collision. Unlike a traditional motorcycle seat, the Tricera’s seating mirrors that of a car.

While it remains uncertain whether the Tricera will see commercial production, Yamaha boasts a history of 3-wheeled offerings. One notable example is the Nickel model, which featured a comparable steering system and made its debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2017.

This groundbreaking concept, the Yamaha Tricera, is slated to make its official appearance at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show, formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show, towards the end of October. Yamaha’s booth at the event is set to showcase an array of new electric vehicle models, further highlighting the company’s forward-looking approach to mobility.


Source: vnexpress.net

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