VinFast’s first electric bicycle launched

10 Jul 2023

The bicycle model with electric motor on the rear wheel, smartphone connection, removable battery, weighs 130 kg.

At the electric car exhibition on July 7, VinFast introduced its first electric bicycle model. The electric bike features large wheels, high handlebars, and a single saddle, providing a comfortable sitting position. The throttle can be adjusted to pure electric mode using the thumb, and the power assist mode can be adjusted using a button on the screen.

The bike supports smartphone connectivity, allowing users to monitor information such as battery life, distance traveled, navigation, services, and community features.

With its large wheels, the electric bike is designed with off-road capabilities in mind. It is equipped with spokes rims and a single disc brake.

The lithium-ion battery is mounted on the under-seat frame and is removable. The company has announced a charging time of over 6 hours (378 minutes) using a 150W portable charger.

The bike features a single seat with a height of 760 mm, similar to the Honda Wave Alpha.

The rear wheel is powered by a solid electric motor. The top speed is announced to be 32 km/h in the US market and 25 km/h in Europe. The maximum speed is software-limited but can be unlocked to increase the speed.

The dimensions of the bike are 1,695 mm in length, 690 mm in width, and 1,040 mm in height. The weight of the vehicle, including the battery, is 32 kg, and the maximum load capacity is 130 kg.

For safety, the bike is equipped with front and rear lights to ensure visibility when riding in the dark. VinFast has not announced the sale date and price for the new electric bike model.

The exhibition, where the electric bike was introduced, is taking place at the Viet Xo Friendship Cultural Palace in Hanoi from July 7 to July 9. This exhibition marks the first time the Vietnamese car brand has held its own event to showcase its products in the past 6 years.



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