Advertising crisis for the beer industry

29 Aug 2020

On January 1, 2020, according to the Law on Prevention of Harm of Alcohol 44/2019 / QH14, under which alcohol-related advertisements are banned during the golden hour from 18:00 to 21:00 daily. In addition, the Law also restricts many provisions related to alcohol-related advertising, especially if advertising on websites, electronic information, and electronic media, there must be a technology system. filtering, controlling the visitor’s age to prevent people under 18 years old to access, search for information about alcohol and beer. This has caused many obstacles for beer businesses, especially in the current COVID pandemic.

[Hypotheses] For those who are easygoing or not often drink beer, they tend to choose products that have a wide brand awareness and are consumed by many people. Like Mr. K working as an engineer in Hanoi, he often drinks with his colleagues and friends every Friday, he often drinks Tiger beer just because he sees it widely sold, has many people drink, has a strong flavor, and branded. Recently, Heneiken beer company has launched a Vietnamese beer line with a lower segment compared to the same type of beer of this company, but on the packaging and advertising of Vietnamese beer, there is no appearance of the producer. is Heneiken. So, if adding Heneiken’s logo on the product’s packaging will make users more trust and use Vietnamese beer? [Hypotheses] According to Ms. Y, working as an advertising employee for a company in Hanoi, at first when she went out to eat with friends, she saw Vietnamese beer products, but when she knew that Vietnamese beer was produced by Heneiken with With lower price, she is quite excited to try this new product. Unlike Sabeco, Lac Viet beer is widely advertised as a product of Sabeco, so at restaurants and restaurants, users also trust in choosing this new product without hesitation. [Hypotheses] According to Mr. H, when pubs started launching Lac Viet beer, he chose to buy it right away because he was curious to know what new Saigon beer tastes like. These are also typical examples of Vietnamese consumers often drinking well-branded and reliable beer. Therefore, using the image of the parent company to promote new products is also considered a successful advertising strategy today.

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