Adverse effects on the beer industry during the recurrence of disease in Vietnam

15 Aug 2020

The communiqué 19th brought Da Nang back to a state of social isolation and complied with high-level COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures at 0:00 on July 28, 2020. Therefore, a series of business locations in the Horeca channel in Da Nang are making the consumption of alcohol become “isolation” again.

According to Ms. Truong Thi Hong Hanh, Director of Da Nang Tourism Department, in May the tourism industry welcomed 119,200 visitors, 2.5 times higher than in previous months due to social blockade. This re-gap will affect the income of local people, this can change the behavior and frequency of beer drinkers in Da Nang. Mr. Hung is a young office worker who often drinks beer with his friends after work, but after being ordered to be socially simplified, he has reduced his consumption of beer, but still drinks at home occasionally. The type of beer he uses often is Tiger because it tastes “strong” and is cheaper than the rest of the beer because his income is reduced by 30% on the 1st blockade and even during the re-extension. In another case, Mr. Tuan and his colleagues, from the well-off class in the center of Da Nang, his income was not affected much during the gap, moreover during this time he and his friends had He has more free time, so he regularly drinks beer, and the beer he usually drinks is Heneiken because his friend is usually in the business environment so he needs to choose this beverage to be able to affirm and express himself. Next, we also surveyed with Ms. Thoa, who owns a grocery store, she said that most of her customers are neighbors near her home, so beer sales have not decreased but also increased. And one of the beer brands she sells often is 333, Saigon, Tiger. In contrast, Mr. Minh, the owner of a beer agent specializing in selling to small, popular pubs as well as residents in the suburbs, is not very happy when he tells us that the business situation has decreased significantly since Da Nang applies the re-gap. He added that his customers often ask for comparable prices, as well as which beer offers to choose from. When interviewing Ms. Thien – the owner of a medium-sized pub, she said: “This situation may return the ground because the shop has just had customers, it has to close again, afraid that when the door is reopened. the second time, the more humid”.

While the social gap is only occurring in Da Nang, in general other areas are also affected, especially big cities like Hanoi and Saigon. Due to the high awareness of epidemic prevention and the fear of infection, people in these cities have also limited eating out. As when we interviewed Mr. Luan, who is currently living in Saigon, he shared that he has reduced his drinking out with friends and colleagues instead he just drinks with family or Important occasions like weddings, anniversaries or corporate parties, and the type of beer you use to drink is Budweiser Because of its reasonable price. However, in big bars or in luxury restaurants in the city center, they still keep a steady number of customers, in these places, they often drink more premium beers such as Budwesier.

In addition, our company surveyed other cities and provinces to see changes in beer demand of consumers. [Hypotheses] Through our surveys, the drinking situation of the people here has not changed much because the sidewalk restaurants are small and they often invite their friends or relatives. go to each other’s house to drink beer.

Will the change in location of beer drink change the perception of beer taste or spending behavior of consumers? Because consumers have different behaviors when drinking at home or drinking at restaurants.

Through the survey results above, we can see a diverse picture showing the beer consumption demand of consumers, from which we can deduce that buying behavior and habits will also change during the new period of relaxation and even until a new normal state occurs. In addition, they can affect both beer distribution channels and new ways of buying beer by consumers. Therefore, the investment is focused on the results of market research on beer consumer demand trends, the behavior and psychological changes of the people during and after this epidemic, or the “Drinking new brand beer from consumers is a very important and necessary thing at the moment.

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