New Honda BeAT launches at 30,5 million VND

05 Oct 2023

The new Honda BeAT scooter has been released in the Southeast Asian market with fresh features and competitive price.

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In specific, Honda Philippines is celebrating 50 years with the launch of the all-new Beat. The new BeAT comes with innovative features and excellent fuel efficiency. It is available in three variants—the Playful, Premium, and 50th Anniversary Limited Edition.

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The Beat Playful variant comes in eye-catching colors: Fighting Red, Pearl Sylvestris Gray, Pearl Nightfall Blue, and Clipper Yellow. The Premium comes with a new 3D emblem and gold cast color wheels. It’s available in Pearl Artic White and Matte Axis Gray. It also adds a semi-digital meter panel cluster. The Limited Edition version is available only in Pearl White, featuring new decorative elements and a commemorative 50th-anniversary logo on the front.

The bike is powered by a 110-cc ESP engine capable of producing a power of 8,9 hp and maximum torque. It is accompanied by programmed fuel injection PGM-FI that ensures excellent fuel efficiency, achieving a consumption rate of 58.2 km/liter. Therefore, with a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 liters, the Honda BeAT can provide a comfortable riding experience for a considerable distance.

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The entirely new Honda BeAT also features LED headlights, a new ACC charging socket for smartphones, and a convenient seat opening button. It has a spacious 12-liter under-seat storage compartment (U-Box) and comes with a center stand lock feature. It features new LED headlights, an accessory power socket ACC for smartphones, an integrated seat opener, and a larger 12-liter u-box along with a side stand switch.

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The prices for the new BeAT models Playful, Premium, 50th Anniversary Limited Edition are 71,400 P (30,55 million VND), 72,400 P (30,96 million VND), and 74,400 P (31,82 million VND).



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