Charges for pickup truck registration and license plate to increase by 40 times from October 22, 2023

Sep 18, 2023 – According to Circular 60/2023/TT-BTC, pickup trucks are classified as passenger cars with 9 seats or less with a fixed charge for initial registration and license plate of 20 million VND/time/vehicle in Zone I.

Car dealers to inspect motor vehicles

Jul 10, 2023 – Many car dealers are waiting for instructions on allowing warranty and maintenance facilities of car manufacturers to participate in the registration service before installing the equipment system.

Exemption from registration for new cars, extension of registration cycle for used cars

Mar 27, 2023 – From March 22nd, new vehicles are exempt from registration for the first time; Family vehicles, personal vehicles under 7 years are extended the inspection cycle to 24 months.

Proposal to issue and manage license plates by vehicle owner’s identification number

Mar 27, 2023 – The Ministry of Public Security has just completed a draft proposal to issue and manage license plates of motorcycles and cars by vehicle owners’ identification number, which is expected to take effect from July 1st 2023.

Europe divided over the draft banning petrol and diesel vehicles

Mar 20, 2023 – Germany formed an opposition coalition, while France supported the bill and criticized the move of the neighboring country.

Proposal for increase in driver’s testing fees by 10-15%

22 Jan 2023 – Recently, the Ministry of Finance published a draft regulation on the fee rates, fee collecting regulations, payment, management and usage of driving test fees, certificates of operation on vehicles, and fees for registration and issuance of specialized motorcycles.

New cars may be exempted from registration for the first time from 2023

Jan 3, 2022 – The Vietnam Register has just submitted to the Ministry of Transport (MOT) a plan to exempt new cars from registration for the first time within one year from the year of manufacture. Previously, the Traffic Police Department also had this proposal.

Car registration will continue to be tightened in 2023

Dec 25, 2022 – Extending into 2023, the Vietnam Ministry of Registry will continue to strengthen the examination of inspection activities at registration centers across the country.

Closing the starting price of the auto license plate auction at 40 million VND

Nov 21, 2022 – Congress has decided the starting price and the reservation fee of an auctioned license plate at 40 million VND, price step is 5 million VND.

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