All-new Yamaha Fino 125 scooter coming soon

The all-new small-sized scooter model Yamaha Fino 125 is said to be preparing to launch in Southeast Asia, catching up with the trend of fashionable scooters for young people.

Honda SH 350i adds Special version with prominent red logo and cheaper price

Honda SH 350i Special has red accent details in the logo, car name, embroidered saddle, and rim stickers, the price of the car is listed at 146.99 million VND.

Piaggio Vietnam launches Medley S 150cc Special Edition at VND 98.9 million

On October 27, 2021, Piaggio Vietnam officially launched the Piaggio Medley S 150cc Special Edition in stylish Green Bosco, a popular color on super sports cars.

Honda NS110Q 2022: Small-sized scooter with modest equipment

The scooter model is mainly for street travel, and the price will probably be “lighter” than the Vision.

Yamaha Limi 125 2022: Compact and flexible

With a compact design, the scooter is a good choice for flexible mobility on the street.

Piaggio Vietnam launches Vespa 75th anniversary edition

Vespa Primavera and Vespa GTS officially have a 75-year special edition in Vietnam with many new fashion accessories and new paint colors for enthusiasts.

Suzuki Burgman 150 – a strong potential opponent of Honda PCX

Possessing a bunker design and an impressive range of equipment, the Suzuki Burgman 150 is expected to make many changes in the 150cc maxi-scooter segment.

Details on Sanye 150 ADV scooter

With an almost identical design to a scooter from Honda, the equipment on the Sanye 150 ADV is quite limited.

Launch of LX350T-5 scooter: A BMW and Voge colaboration

Possessing the design of a BMW scooter, the VOGE LX350T-5 is also equipped with a powerful engine and modern equipment.

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