Honda Air Blade 160 scooter launched in Vietnam, 57.2 million VND for the most luxurious version

The new Honda Air Blade is upgraded with a new 4-valve eSP+ engine with versions, 125 and 160cc, providing stronger performance.

Honda Vietnam in short of motorbikes stock for sale

Customers will have to wait from a few weeks to a month to receive their unit. Many HEADs have stopped receiving deposits as it is unclear when customer’s purchases can be delivered.

Yamaha Latte 2022 new color released with price unchanged

Yamaha’s wide trunk scooter model retains the same equipment, while adding more colors for users to choose from.

Yamaha Aerox 160 rumoured release and rivalry against Honda’s latest

It is expected that the Yamaha Aerox 160 will soon be launched to the market to compete against the newly released Honda Click 160.

Details on Yamaha X-Max 300 to be sold in Vietnam

The price of the Yamaha X-Max 300 is expected to fall between 110 and 130 million VND, a very reasonable price and easily competes with Honda SH 350i or Vespa GTS 300.

Despite rapid improvements in quality, Vietnamese consumers remain skeptical of electric motorcycles

Although becomingly more diverse in designs, types, and affordable prices, consumers continue to hesitate in buying electric motorbikes.

New version of Honda Lead at only VND 39.5 million VND

Latest Honda Lead released in Thailand with fuel consumption of 1.9 liters/100 km.

VinFast Evo 200 electric scooter launched, 200 km for every full charge

In addition to the new Evo 200 model, VinFast also introduced a new generation of four other electric motorcycles with an upgrade in LFP battery technology to help the vehicle operate further after each charge.

Yamaha Acruzo discontinued in Vietnam

After 7 years in the market, Yamaha Acruzo has stopped production and distribution in the Vietnamese market.

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