Honda SH and SH Mode simultaneously increase prices near Tet

Jan 22, 2023 – At several Honda dealerships, SH Mode’s price increases significantly compared to the listed price; the highest increase is 31 million VND.

Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid Connected launched

22 Jan, 2023 – The scooter model has a classic design that combines many modern equipment while the resale price proves very reasonable.

Honda SH 2023 sells out, price to be increased

Jan 16, 2023 – In early January 2023, the selling price of SH scooters increased again due to the sudden increase in the number of customers ordering this model near Tet.

Honda Lead 2023 launched in Japan at 60 million VND

Jan 16, 2023 – Honda Lead 2023 version has just been updated in Japan with additional colors.

Suzuki offers registration fee incentives to customers

Jan 16, 2023 – The Japanese brand will support registration fees for 3 motorcycles models in Jan 2023.

Unpacking the unique Yamaha 3-wheeler duo

Jan 09, 2023 – Two Yamaha models named Nickel and Tricity are on display, but no information is available in terms of sale.

SYM speculated to introduce new scooter in Vietnam

Dec 24, 2022 – SYM MMBCU has just been registered with the Ministry, hinting its likely release in Vietnamese markets.

Honda SH350i 2023 priced at 149 million VND in Vietnam

Dec 24, 2022 – Before the launch of the 2023 version, the selling price of Honda SH350i is on a downward trend compared to the proposed price.

Honda VARIO 160 launched in Vietnam from 51.69 million VND

Dec 24, 2022 – On December 22, Honda Vietnam Company (HVN) introduced the Honda VARIO 160 model, manufactured, and genuinely distributed by Honda Vietnam at HEADs.

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