Launch of LX350T-5 scooter: A BMW and Voge colaboration

Possessing the design of a BMW scooter, the VOGE LX350T-5 is also equipped with a powerful engine and modern equipment.

Ariic Chinf 318 to compete well against Japanese models

With a range of technologies equipped, surely maxi-scooter models from Japan must lose to Ariic Chinf 318, while the price is cheap.

Suzuki’s new launch challenges Honda SH350i

Along with the power and a series of outstanding equipment, Burgman M2 will surely make many people wonder when choosing.

2022 Honda Forza 350 officially launched with sophisticated equipment

The 2022 Honda Forza 350 scooter model has just been officially launched in Southeast Asia, possessing more sophisticated equipment than many other competitors.

SYM launches CROX RX 150 2021 scooter

With an impressive design and equipment, it is expected that CROX RX 150 2021 will compete directly with rival Honda ADV150.

Honda Vietnam to launch Honda PCX 160 2021?

Honda PCX 160 2021 appeared in the protection registration just announced by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, preparing to be officially launched in our country.

Honda Vietnam releases SH 350i 2021

Because it is assembled right in Vietnam, the price of the Honda SH 350i 2021 has a very good price of 145.99 million VND for the Premium version and 147.49 million VND for the Sport version.

Vespa Primavera S150 Touring version released

The official Vespa Primavera S 150 model launched a Touring version with the addition of a windshield, luggage bag and a set of 3 beautiful colors.

Following Honda U-Go, compact electric scooter U-BE released

Another compact electric scooter model, serving the needs of going to the market for the inner city, named Honda U-BE, was launched by Honda China at a very good price.

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