Thailand’s newspaper praises the new Honda SH Mode in Vietnam

The new Honda SH Mode 125 presented in Vietnam is expected by car experts from the golden temple country to soon be available in Thailand.

New generation of Honda Lead updates engine, priced from 39 million VND.

Honda Vietnam releases the new generation Lead with upgrades in engine, additional utilities, design refinement, and brand-new stickers on the Special Edition.

Honda PCX160 Sportive Ride released at 65 million VND

The well-designed scooter with multiple premium features has reemerged.

Vietnam motorbike consumption among the top in ASEAN

After the first 3 quarters of 2021, the consumption of motorbikes in Vietnam has reached over 1.7 million units, only after Indonesia in SEA area.

Honda SH Mode 2022 officially released at 55.2 million VND

The new edition with more premium and impressive look offers better satisfaction.

Honda Vietnam hits daily sales of approximately 250 Winner X units

In November, HVN has registered a sale of 7.936 units of Winner X, accounting for 3.7% total sales from the brand.

Honda CMX500 Rebel, CMX1100 Rebel and Gold Wing updated with new paint colors

The new Honda CMX1100 Rebel, CMX500 Rebel, and Honda Gold Wing will all receive some new color options, while the specifications remain unchanged.

All-new Yamaha Fino 125 scooter coming soon

The all-new small-sized scooter model Yamaha Fino 125 is said to be preparing to launch in Southeast Asia, catching up with the trend of fashionable scooters for young people.

Honda SH 350i adds Special version with prominent red logo and cheaper price

Honda SH 350i Special has red accent details in the logo, car name, embroidered saddle, and rim stickers, the price of the car is listed at 146.99 million VND.

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