Honda Winner X is being sold by dealers for 12 million VND lower than the proposed price, only from 34 million VND

Some HEADs are selling the Honda Winner X hand-clutch model with prices ranging from 34 million to 39.6 million VND; this price is 12 million VND lower than listed.

Honda aims for carbon neutrality by 2050

The Japanese company has announced a carbon neutral orientation for motorcycles, towards a more electric-based future.

Yamaha launches Exciter 155 VVA limited edition 2023, priced at 51.99 million

The presence of the new version of Exciter 155 VVA means it now has a total of 13 different versions for users to choose from.

Underbones, cub, and clutch motorbikes gradually loses ground

According to a survey at motorbike dealers in Ho Chi Minh City, the cub segment is no longer popular, with many scooter models dominate the market.

Supply chain disruptions improve, auto and motorcycle markets recover

The global semiconductor chip supply shortage has a major impact on manufacturing output in many industries. However, this situation has improved, opening a bright door for both manufacturers and consumers.

Brand-new Jupiter Finn clutch launched in Vietnam

Yamaha Jupiter Finn is equipped with a safer UBS, low fuel consumption engine, and an attractive starting price of VND 27.5 million.

Suzuki Vietnam launches new Raider R150 at 50.99 million VND

The rival model of Winner X and Exciter is added new colors while selling price remains reasonable.

Honda scooter sales halved compared to 2021

Due to shortage of components for producing scooters, sales of this line of vehicles fell sharply, but may recover in the near future.

Honda Super Cub 110 2022 launched with multiple upgrades

Honda Super Cub 110 2022 is upgraded with front disc brakes and ABS.

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