Honda Vietnam in short of motorbikes stock for sale

Customers will have to wait from a few weeks to a month to receive their unit. Many HEADs have stopped receiving deposits as it is unclear when customer’s purchases can be delivered.

Price of Honda scooters may increase in the near future due to scarcity of goods

Honda Vietnam’s latest press release states that some of its scooter models will have limited supply due to disruptions in the global supply chain.

Honda remains the best-selling brand in Vietnam

With 78.5% of the motorcycle market share in quarter I/2022, Honda remains the best-selling brand in Vietnam.

Honda Future 125 unexpectedly raises price, difference goes up to 6.5 million VND

Purchasing a Honda Future 125 at dealers can be expected to cost 42 million VND, same as the listed price for Honda Air Blade 125.

The Vietnamese purchase 6 new motorbikes every minute

Motorcycle consumption reached 753,571 units in the first quarter, equivalent to an average of nearly six units purchased per minute.

Honda Super Cub 110cc released with new engine, cast rims, and ABS

Honda Super Cub 110cc employs a traditional design. It is sold in the market with 5 colorways at approx. 56.3 million VND.

Details on Honda Trail 125 – SuperCub off-road version at 91 million VND

Honda Trail 125 was developed based on SuperCub 125, but is removed of the front cover and added some special equipment to help the car move more easily on off-road conditions.

Honda Winner 150 updated for 2022: More powerful engine and lighter weight

The hand-clutch model Honda Winner 150 in Malaysia, where it is known as Honda RS150R, has been updated for 2022 with multiple changes in appearance and engine.

Honda sells over 12,000 Winner X units in Jan 2022

In addition to the quick-selling Honda Winner X, Vision and Wave Alpha also sees growth in sales.

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