Honda introduces electronic clutch for motorbikes

Oct 12, 2023 – The Japanese motorbike company introduces a new electronic clutch for motorbikes, working in parallel with the mechanical clutch.

Yamaha Finn upgraded version launched, running nearly 100 km/liter of gasoline

Sep 24, 2023 – The upgraded Yamaha Finn is equipped with a single-cylinder SOHC engine, 115 cc in capacity, electronic fuel injection. The engine assembled on the Yamaha Finn 2024 is imported from the Yamaha factory in Vietnam.

Yamaha Finn 2024 launches in Southeast Asia

Aug 13, 2023 – The Japanese motorcycle brand has introduced a model upgraded from Jupiter Finn with color changes and new stamp set, priced from $1,200.

New edition of Suzuki Smash Fi cub launched

Jul 23, 2023 – The new edition of the Suzuki Smash Fi Ultimate Edition has just been launched in Southeast Asia.

Honda Wave Alpha 2024 to launch at price from 17.8 million VND in Vietnam

Jul 17, 2023 – Honda Wave Alpha 2024 has a new stamp design, stylized logo “Wave Alpha” and different colors on each vehicle with price from 17.8 million VND.

Honda CT125 2023 launches

Jun 21, 2023 – The offroad model has a special style, suitable for those who love to move and like to explore.

New MT motorcycle Yamaha Vega Force launch at price of 28 million VND

Jun 12, 2023 – 2023 Yamaha Vega Force has just been launched in the Southeast Asian market, with a fast, sophisticated design and quite reasonable price.

Honda Winner X offers strong discounts

May 10, 2023 – At some dealers, Honda Winner X is tens of million VND lower than the company’s proposed price in order to increase competitiveness with the Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA.

Honda Blade 2023 launched in Vietnam: 3 versions, new stamps added

Apr 03, 2023 – On March 30, Honda Vietnam introduced a new version of the Blade at VND 19.25 million.

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