Car dealers to inspect motor vehicles

10 Jul 2023

Many car dealers are waiting for instructions on allowing warranty and maintenance facilities of car manufacturers to participate in the registration service before installing the equipment system.

Car dealers are ready to inspect motor vehicles - Photo 1.

The issuance of Decree 30/2023, which amends and supplements Decree 139/2018 on the business of motor vehicle inspection services, has opened up opportunities for many units to participate in the registration service. However, there is still no circular guiding the implementation process, causing some uncertainty.

The Department of Science and Technology – Ministry of Transport is currently working on a circular to amend and supplement Circular 18/2019, which will provide further guidance on the implementation of the decree. The circular is expected to allow registry units in the area and experts from the Vietnam Register to participate in the assessment and evaluation of operation certificates for registration units.

The Vietnam Registry Department has not yet received applications from automobile warranty and maintenance establishments for a certificate of eligibility for motor vehicle inspection. According to the department, enterprises need to contact the local transport industry to inquire about the approval process for investing in a registration center.

On the dealer side, most facilities are waiting for specific instructions before investing in appropriate registration equipment. Some dealers are considering using previously invested equipment, such as emission measurement equipment and brake system measurement tools, along with trained technicians to conduct motor vehicle inspections. This approach can help reduce costs and take advantage of existing facilities and human resources.

Major car manufacturers, including Ford, Honda, and Toyota, expressed their support for dealers participating in the registration service. However, specific plans for dealers have not yet been implemented, as the regulations are still new. The Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) suggested that there should be clear instructions on infrastructure and equipment requirements for dealers to facilitate their investment plans and ensure smooth operations.

Automotive expert Nguyen Minh Dong noted that in Europe, motor vehicle inspections are often conducted at car dealerships or garages, which have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle inspections. In Vietnam, dealerships participating in the registration service may have an advantage due to their understanding of the operating principles of different car models and their team of technicians who are familiar with repairs and maintenance.

Overall, the involvement of automobile warranty and maintenance facilities in motor vehicle inspections has the potential to improve convenience for customers and attract new buyers. However, specific guidelines and coordination between relevant authorities and dealerships are needed to ensure smooth implementation.



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