Exemption from registration for new cars, extension of registration cycle for used cars

27 Mar 2023

From March 22nd, new vehicles are exempt from registration for the first time; Family vehicles, personal vehicles under 7 years are extended the inspection cycle to 24 months.

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According to Circular 2/2023 issued on the evening of March 21st, the Ministry of Transport stipulates that unused vehicles are exempt from the first inspection, counting from the year of manufacture to the year of submission of the application for an inspection certificate of less than 3 years. Vehicle owners are issued stamps and certificates at registration centers without having to bring their vehicles to present.

The Ministry of Transport also extended the first inspection cycle for passenger cars up to 9 seats not in transport business from 30 months as before to 36 months. For vehicles manufactured up to 7 years, the periodic inspection cycle is extended from 18 to 24 months. Vehicles manufactured over 7 years to 20 years (previously 12 years) the cycle remained the same for 12 months; Vehicles over 20 years keep 6 months.

For passenger vehicles of all types over 9 seats with transportation business, the first cycle increased from 18 to 24 months. Vehicles produced for up to 5 years, the periodic cycle increases from 6 to 12 months. Vehicles over 5 years retain the regulation of every 6 months of inspection.

The group of trucks of all kinds, tractor cars of 20 years or more (including trucks and tractor cars converted into specialized cars), trucks converted from passenger cars with a production period of 15 years or more are extended the inspection cycle from 3 to 6 months.

The circular also makes a number of adjustments to reduce procedures, costs and time for people and businesses when registering.

According to the Ministry of Transport, over the past time, Circular 16/2021 on technical safety inspection and environmental protection of road motor vehicles has revealed shortcomings such as inspection requirements for new vehicles, the inspection cycle is not suitable for actual conditions, especially for personal vehicles (not transport business). The Ministry has reviewed, studied and proposed to the Government and was approved to allow amendments to Circular 16 in the abbreviated order.


In addition to amending Circular 16, the Ministry is also presiding over the amendment of Decree 139/2018 on provision of motor vehicle inspection services, which separates state management and provision of public services in registration; promote decentralization and decentralization for localities and strengthen inspection, inspection and prevention of negatives.


The ministry will also prioritize research to allow registration centers of police, military and genuine warranty and maintenance establishments of automobile manufacturers, assemblers and importers meeting regulations on warranty and maintenance establishments allowed to provide automobile inspection services.


The amendment of the above two documents is considered a fundamental solution registration crisis, when more than 70 registration centers were closed, nearly 500 people were prosecuted and investigated for crimes of receiving bribes, bribery brokerage, forgery in work and manufacturing and buying and selling tools and software for illegal use.


Source: vnexpress.net

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