Proposal to issue and manage license plates by vehicle owner’s identification number

27 Mar 2023

The Ministry of Public Security has just completed a draft proposal to issue and manage license plates of motorcycles and cars by vehicle owners’ identification number, which is expected to take effect from July 1st 2023.

Đề xuất cấp và quản lý biển số xe theo mã định danh của chủ xe

The Ministry of Public Security has just completed a draft circular regulating the issuance and revocation of registration and license plates of motor vehicles and public posting for comments from organizations and individuals. Expectedly, this circular will take effect from July 1st , replacing Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA.

One of the new contents of stipulation in the draft circular is that vehicle owners being organizations or individuals having their particular location of headquarters and residences shall register vehicles at vehicle registration offices in that locality.

The most notable point of the draft is that license plates will be issued and managed by vehicle owner’s identification number. The draft also applies to foreigners as license plates will also be managed by the identification number of that country’s citizens. For organizations, license plates are managed by the organization’s identification number or tax identification number.

In case the vehicle expires, damages or transfers ownership, license plate shall be revoked and reissued by the vehicle registration authority when the vehicle owner registers another vehicle under his/her ownership. This identification plate shall be retained for vehicle owner for a period of 5 years since the date of issuance of revocation certificate for registration, license plate (certificate of revocation). After the above time limit, if the vehicle owner does not register his/her other vehicle, the vehicle registration authority will withdraw the number and put it in the number warehouse to carry out vehicle registration following regulations. In case the vehicle owner moves its head office or residence to another province or city under the central government, license plate number shall be retained.

According to the draft, all vehicle registration procedures must be declared on the National Public Service Portal. After successful declaration, the public service portal will send a message notifying application code for the vehicle owner to carry out vehicle registration procedures at the competent vehicle registration office.

The draft circular also stipulates that in case the procedure cannot be done on the National Public Service Portal due to the absence of electronic data or technical errors, the vehicle owner shall declare procedures directly at the vehicle registration office.

Compared to the currently effective Circular 58/2020, the draft Circular also adds that the unit which has authorization to issue license plates is the commune or ward police. This administrative unit will issue motorcycle plates. District police has authorization to issue registrations for cars. When registering a new vehicle, the vehicle owner shall use a level 2 of electronic identification account to declare procedures on the public service portal or present the citizen identity card to the check-in officer.



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