Accelerate digitalization of pharmaceutical data in Vietnam in the next three years

15 Aug 2020

Vietnam’s annual pharmaceutical industry worth 6 billion USD is expected to digitize 100% valid information and drug data for circulation by 2023 and update it to the pharmacy data bank at VN drugbank.

Updating the information technology application to transform the pharmaceutical industry, the Drug Administration of Vietnam (the Ministry of Health) since 2018 has promoted all four sectors of the industry, namely online public services, drug management, and management of drug supply establishments and practice certificates, according to information at the digital announcement ceremony and the plan to change the number of pharmaceutical industries held on the morning of August 13 by the Drug Administration of Vietnam.

Especially in the field of drug management, in order to help businesses and people access drug information accurately and fully, since August 2019, the department has opened the pharmaceutical industry data bank ( with information search of more than 10,000 drugs. So far, this data bank has provided data on 15,226 drugs currently licensed for circulation in Vietnam.

In order to implement the plan of transforming the number of pharmaceutical industries in the period 2020-2025, with a vision to 2030, the Drug Administration of Vietnam expects to digitalize 100% of the valid information and data of drugs circulating in Vietnam by 2023. update to the pharmaceutical industry data bank.

The Department also aims to ensure that 100% of work documents are processed online by 2023 (excluding confidential documents). 100% of pharmaceutical information systems are linked through data integration and sharing platforms; Information data of people and businesses is digitized and stored.

In fact, in the field of online public services, as of June 30, the Department has completed and provided 100% of all 93 online public services level 4 to the public health service portal. Statistics from January 1 to present have more than 18,000 records processed online. This approach both helps businesses and individuals reduce the time to send / receive documents, increase transparency, easily track progress and cut costs …

In addition, to strengthen the management and connection of drug supply establishments, from August 2018 up to now, pharmacies in 63 provinces and cities nationwide have been connected to the network. Nearly 100% of more than 60,700 drug suppliers have software, 60% have linked data. The system has managed more than 7.2 million prescriptions, 26.7 million sales invoices, and nearly 4 million export and import bills.

The Vietnamese pharmaceutical market is worth US $ 6 billion and has a compound annual growth rate of 10.5% for the 2017-2022 period, according to research firm BMI. The market has nearly 65,500 pharmaceutical establishments, including 340 manufacturing, importing and exporting establishments, 4,079 wholesalers and 61,000 drug retail establishments, according to statistics of the Drug Administration of Vietnam.

In the coming time, the Department said it will continue to develop software to connect to all factories to manage and have reporting and statistics data of about 700 active ingredients used in drug production in Vietnam.

Source: Forbes Vietnam

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