Toyota Land Cruiser SE – the pure electric future of large SUVs

23 Oct 2023

The Japanese company introduced an electric concept version of the Land Cruiser.

Land Cruiser SE có lưới tản nhiệt bịt kín, đèn pha mảnh, với tên hãng chính giữa đầu xe. Ảnh: Toyota

The Toyota Land Cruiser SE EV is an electric vehicle version of the popular 3-row Land Cruiser capable of seating seven passengers. While sharing the same name, the electric variant boasts a distinct design from the internal combustion engine Land Cruiser.

As with most pure electric cars, the Land Cruiser SE features a sealed grille, slim headlights, and a small Toyota logo in the center. The rear of the vehicle exudes a muscular appearance, with blacked-out columns.

Các cột đều màu đen, nóc xe vuốt phẳng và hơi xuôi về phía sau. Ảnh: Toyota

The concept model measures 5,150 mm in length and has a 3,050 mm wheelbase. Although detailed specifications were not provided, it is known that the Land Cruiser SE utilizes a monocoque setup rather than a separate chassis platform. Toyota also hints at “driving performance with strong traction” and a suspension system tailored for urban journeys.

The Land Cruiser is presently in its 8th generation, the J300 series, introduced in 2021. Since its inception in 1951, the Land Cruiser has amassed cumulative sales exceeding 10 million vehicles, making it one of Toyota’s longest-running product lines. By 1990, a smaller version named Land Prado was introduced.

Depending on the market, customers may choose between the Land Cruiser or Land Cruiser Prado. In Vietnam, Toyota offers both models, with the Prado priced from 2,588 billion VND, while the standard Land Cruiser starts at 4,286 billion VND.

Toyota is set to unveil a range of new electric vehicle models at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo. This includes pickup trucks, minivans, coupe-style crossovers, and battery-powered sports cars. The event is scheduled to take place from October 26 to November 5.



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