Vision Copen – Daihatsu’s lightweight 2-door sports concept car

23 Oct 2023

The Vision Copen is a two-door, 2.1-liter sports concept car, inspired by the Daihatsu Copen kei-car launched in 2002.

Daihatsu, a sub-brand of Toyota, has just introduced the lightweight sports convertible concept car Vision Copen, which will appear at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 (from Oct 26 to Nov 10, Tokyo).

Concept Vision Copen tại Nhật Bản. Ảnh: Daihatsu

The concept model is inspired by the two-door sports Copen kei-car launched in 2002 in Japan. It retains round lights at the head, along with soft, bulky lines in the body.

In terms of dimensions, it’s smaller than a Mazda MX-5 ND, measuring 3,835 x 1,695 x 1,265 in length x width x height (mm), with a wheelbase of 2,415 mm. Thus, the concept is 440 mm longer than the 2nd generation Copen model sold in Japan.

Nội thất xe hiện đại, trang bị các nút chức năng cảm ứng. Ảnh: Daihatsu

The interior features a simple and driver-focused design, featuring a digital display, touch-sensitive controls, and a set of sports seats. In general, both the exterior and interior of the Vision Copen convey a production-ready appearance rather than a futuristic design concept. As a result, some experts suggest that Daihatsu may be contemplating an entry into the compact sports car segment.

Regarding the power of the Vision Copen, Daihatsu has only revealed that the car will use a 1.3-liter engine, which is twice the allowable displacement for kei-cars. Additionally, Daihatsu mentioned that the car can operate on “carbon-neutral fuel.” Interior details suggest that the car might use an automatic transmission.


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