Why are scooters popular among Asian markets?

11 Sep 2023

Unlike Europe and America, Asian markets, including Vietnam, are very devoted to scooters and for good reasons.

Revealing the reason why Asian people admire scooters so much - 1

In the European and American markets, the diversity of scooter products will not be comparable to Asia. On the contrary, Asian people are very devoted to scooters. In many countries on this continent, such as Vietnam, you can easily see images of scooters on the streets. In large cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, during peak traffic hours, the number of scooters seems to “overwhelm” other types of two-wheeled vehicles.

The number of scooters in Asia has increased sharply due to many different reasons. First of all, scooters are easily accepted because they are often cheaper than cars and motorbikes in Western countries. According to analysts, daily operating costs for scooters are only around 10 USD (240.5 million VND). The car price also usually only ranges from 1000-2000 USD (24.05-44.11 million VND), very easy to produce and easy to customize.

Furthermore, scooters also cost less to maintain and are more fuel efficient, as regular scooter models only consume fuel above 100 MPG (2.35 liters/100 km). Not only that, compared to conventional motorcycles, scooters also require lower driving skills. To learn to ride a scooter, it can be said to be as easy as riding a bicycle. Therefore, scooters are suitable for many different ages.

Revealing the reason why Asian people admire scooters so much - 2

Finally, scooters are two-wheeled vehicles that are used optimally in Asia because they provide family use. There is no shortage of images circulating on the internet about people in Asian countries using 125cc scooters that can carry 3-4 family members. The convenience of scooters is such that there is even a term for scooters like “motorcycle logistics” (two-wheeled vehicle logistics).

The combination of low price, ease of use, and optimized performance are the reasons why scooters appear crowded on urban streets in Asia. And so, it is not surprising that scooters are the most popular road motor vehicle in the Asian market.


Source: 24h.com.vn

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