Upgraded version of BMW X4 coming to Vietnam

08 May 2022

The new X4 has a difference in the front and rear, with the highlight being a newly designed, larger and wider light cluster.

BMW X4 bản nâng cấp sắp về Việt Nam

Unlike the old generation favoring balanced harmony, the upgraded X4 has a sportier, more personal appearance. This new edition comes with a more ribbed front end, more angular lights, redesigned grille, front bumper, and about 10mm flatter headlights to help the overall front end looks stronger.

Behind, the taillights extend to the body, large LED bars, 3D design increases visibility. The black outline gives the LED taillights more definition, the LED graphics are wrapped around, and the turn signals are diamond-shaped. The back has more indents to create a sharper shape. Newly designed and two-tone fenders, with new and larger exhaust trim.

With the new design of the upgraded X4, the car almost looks like a completely new version. Details such as lights, grille or air intakes are designed to create a 3D effect, helping the car stand out and look bigger than the old version. The interior and exterior are similar to the X3, but the X4 is still a unique Coupe-style car like the X6. This new design is also expected to create a larger space for the second row of seats and luggage compartment. In addition, BMW said that this would also help improve aerodynamics.

The interior compartment is slightly changed in terms of interface in the AC control area and a new gear lever. The new air-conditioning and gearshift cluster is inherited from the X6 and is similar to the series 4 models.

For the engine, in other markets around the world, the X4 will have an option of a 48-volt Hybrid engine. However, it is not clear which versions and options will be brought back to Vietnam.

BMW X4 bản nâng cấp sắp về Việt Nam - 1

Currently in Vietnam, both X3 and X4 have the standard 2.0 Twin Turbo engine that produces 184 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. This is also a quite suitable capacity for traffic conditions in Vietnam. The standard 8-speed steptronic transmission that comes with rear-wheel drive will still be used on the new X4.

Regarding equipment, the upgraded BMW X4 will have a new operating system, a larger entertainment screen, updated features and equipment that have not been disclosed by the distributor.

X4 is a mid-size SUV that receives much attention from BMW when it shares the engine and chassis of another famous model in the segment, the X3. In terms of design, it inherits that of the famous Coupe already making its name since 2008. X4 upgraded version is the second upgrade of new version G02. Most likely, it will arrive at Vietnam in May-June. Prices will be announced right after the launch.


Source: vnexpress.net

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