Benda LFC700 launched: From design to engine are “Masterpiece”

06 Jul 2021

The motorcycle model from the Chinese manufacturer has a modern design with a powerful 4-cylinder engine.

Benda, a famous Chinese car manufacturer, recently launched the LFC700 – a commercial motorcycle model inspired by the LF-01 model introduced by this company earlier.

There will be 2 versions of Benda LFC700 sold, the standard version and the high-performance version. And although both versions are equipped with a 4-cylinder engine block in line with a total capacity of 680cc, producing a maximum capacity of 94 horsepower, but the car reaches a maximum speed of 170km / h for the standard version. standard, and 195km/h for the high-performance version.

In terms of equipment, Benda LFC700 will have the support of Slipper Clutch system, equipped with KYB forks, Brembo brake calipers (standard version is Nissin), ABS brakes, TFT screen with navigation function, and system LED technology lights throughout the vehicle.

Expected, the selling price of Benda LFC700 in China for the standard version will be 138 million VND and the high-performance version will be 163 million VND when converted into Vietnamese currency.


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