14 Sep 2020

BMW Mottorad has just surprisingly released their new products for sports bikes that are auto-adjustable winglets, placed at an unconventional position.

Recently, the German motorcycle company BMW Motorrad has revealed sketches of the new winglet technology for the next generation of Sport bike motorcycles with special capabilities.

Following the trend of today’s superbikes, MotoGP racing teams all have their own winglets for their racers. Nevertheless, the German brand, despite not participating in this race, still came up with its own unique invention when using the automatic spoiler placed in a special position. Regarding the given image, like many other manufacturers, the winglet was born to make the sports bike more stable at higher speeds.

However, the highlight of BMW Motorrad is the idea that the spoiler’s position can be placed in the front suspension instead of the body shell as we normally see. According to explanations from manufacturers, placing the spoiler in the front fork position will make the bike more compact while the effect of plunging the bike down has nothing to do with the aerodynamics of the body. However, placing the spoiler in this position does not seem to provide enough force and wind power, so BMW has designed up to 4 spoilers on the model including 2 front and 2 rear. In addition, these wings also operate automatically quite intelligently. In particular, this design will cause the front wheel to be pressed down when accelerating while increasing pressure on the rear wheel to prevent slipping when braking or cornering.

However, the new BMW Motorrad spoiler will likely take a while to be applied to commercial superbike models such as the BMW S1000RR.


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