CFMoto 250SR 2023 launched from 65 million VND

12 Aug 2023

Not only affordable in price, modern equipment and impressive power on this sportbike will excite consumers.

CFMoto 250SR 2023 trình làng, giá chỉ từ 65 triệu đồng - 1

CFMoto, based in China, has recently unveiled the 2023 version of its well-received lightweight sportbike, the 250SR. This new iteration boasts substantial design changes that amplify its sporty and contemporary allure.

One of the prominent updates lies in its more compact and lightweight design. With a weight of 157kg, the 2023 CFMoto 250SR sheds 8kg compared to its predecessor. The front spoiler has been thoughtfully reconfigured to enhance aerodynamics, thereby contributing to improved speed and overall performance.

CFMoto 250SR 2023 trình làng, giá chỉ từ 65 triệu đồng - 2

An eye-catching element of this new model is its modernized headlight cluster. This redesigned front facade exudes a trendy and up-to-date appearance. Moreover, the vehicle’s entire lighting system now employs cutting-edge LED technology.

Continuing its commitment to advanced features, the 250SR 2023 retains its full TFT (Thin Film Transistor) instrument cluster. This display showcases a comprehensive array of vital parameters related to the bike’s functioning. Notably, it also integrates smartphone connectivity, permitting riders to pair their smartphones for added functionality.

CFMoto 250SR 2023 trình làng, giá chỉ từ 65 triệu đồng - 3

Under the hood, the 250SR 2023 boasts a robust 249cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. This powerplant generates a commendable 21.5 kW of maximum power at 9750 rpm, accompanied by a peak torque of 22 Nm at 7250 rpm. The motorcycle also introduces the Assist & Slipper Clutch system and offers two distinct riding modes, catering to individual rider preferences.

Ride quality is further optimized through the inclusion of a 37mm upside-down front fork and a multi-level adjustable single-cylinder rear shock absorber. These components work in tandem to ensure a comfortable and smooth riding experience. The braking system features a 300mm front disc with 4-piston calipers, complemented by a 220mm rear disc. Notably, both braking components are equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for heightened safety.

CFMoto 250SR 2023 trình làng, giá chỉ từ 65 triệu đồng - 4

Beyond its technical enhancements, the 2023 CFMoto 250SR has undergone a comprehensive aesthetic redesign. This revamp instills a sportier and cleaner visual identity, making it all the more appealing to motorcycle aficionados with an eye for style.

In terms of pricing, the CFMoto 250SR 2023 starts at approximately 19,980 yuan in the Chinese market, which roughly translates to around 65.8 million VND. This combination of design refinements, technical enhancements, and contemporary features positions the 250SR as a compelling choice for riders seeking a lightweight sportbike that seamlessly blends style and performance.



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