Honda CB190X 2021 – Brand new small-sized Adventure has just been launched for only 58 million VND

15 Jul 2021

The smallest member of Honda’s Adventure CB-X family was launched in China as the Honda CB190X 2021.

Recently, the smallest Adventure model in Honda’s motorcycle family called CB190X 2021 has just been officially launched in China. Accordingly, this model will have a design quite similar to the Honda CB500X senior but be aggressive and even more detailed than its brother.

It is known that Honda CB190X was first launched in 2017 by Honda Wuyang – China with a rather hybrid design. The model was created by Honda China to serve backpackers as well as those who need to wait for goods to go far. Therefore, this model is not as tall as a regular Adventure bike but is a hybrid between a Naked bike and an adventure bike. From there, giving a car shape that is not very beautiful but brings the ability to move in accordance with the Asian body.

In terms of power, Honda Cb190X 2021 is equipped with a single-cylinder engine block with a capacity of 184 cc, air-cooled. This engine block gives a power of 16.2 horsepower at 8,400 rpm and maximum torque of 15.4 Nm at 7,000 rpm with a 5-speed gearbox, a large 14-liter fuel tank.

In addition, Honda CB190X 2021 owns quite basic equipment with telescopic forks in front, mono-shock at the rear with alloy cast rims, single front and rear disc brakes with safe ABS. The car also has the ability to serve the driver well with a high windshield, a spacious saddle, a convenient USB charging port, and a total weight of about 150kg.

Of course, this “weird” model will only be sold in the Chinese market. The price for Honda CB190X 2021 in this country is 16,680 yuan, equivalent to about 59 million dong.


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