20 Oct 2020

For the new 2021 version, the Kawasaki Versys 1000 S will inherit a series of advanced features of the SE such as phone connectivity, steering wheel heater and cruise control.

On November 23, Kawasaki will officially introduce 6 new versions for their motorbikes in the European market, but details about the 6 new models have not been announced by the Japanese brand. Today, Kawasaki has officially revealed information on one of these 6 models.

Accordingly, the first new version that Kawasaki will launch for the European market is the Versys 1000, including 3 variations: Standard, the S edition and the SE edition. In terms of appearance, Kawasaki Versys 1000 2021 in all 3 retains the original design from the latest version launched in 2019.

As the mid-tier version of the bunch, the Versys 1000 S inherits some of the SE’s premium features such as smartphone connectivity, steering wheel heater, cruise control, traction control, cornering assist lights, electronic throttle with driving modes, Quick Shifter, and super durable paint.

Similar to the SE variation, version S will also have 3 equipment versions, including S Tourer, S Tourer Plus and S Grand Tourer. Tourer models will have two rear storage compartments with a total capacity of 56L and fuel tank protection stickers; Tourer Plus versions have additional blind side lights; while the most fully equipped version, the Grand Tourer, will have a 47-liter rear-end top tank, GPS device mounted and anti-tilting chassis.

The biggest difference between the S and SE versions is the suspension. Versys 1000 S is equipped with manual suspension, while SE uses electronic suspension KECS. In addition, the suspension system of the SE version is the more advanced Skyhook line than Showa’s.

The heart of the model is still a 4-cylinder engine block, 1.043 cc, liquid-cooled, producing 118 HP at 9,000 RPM and a maximum torque of 102 Nm at 7,500 RPM, in addition to an electronic fuel injection system and a 6-speed manual gearbox.

In terms of price, the Kawasaki Versys 1000 S 2021 is expected to be sold in Europe for € 12,999 (354 million VND) for the standard version, the Tourer version for EUR 13,799 (375 million VND); the most advanced Grand Tourer is priced at 14,699 EUR (400 million VND).

Meanwhile, the most advanced version of the roster is Versys 1000 SE, priced at 15,699 EUR (427 million VND) and 16,599 EUR (452 million VND), respectively for the Tourer and Grand Tourer versions.

Source: tinxe.vn

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