Listed price of Yamaha R15 V3 drops, paving way for R15 V4

12 Sep 2022

The 4-million-VND discount along with gift vouchers are bargains for R15 V3 buyers.

Yamaha R15 V3 BS6 In Nepal | R 15 V3 BS6 Price In Nepal, Features & Specs

Recently, Yamaha has reduced the listing price of the 3rd generation YZF-R15 (commonly known as R15 V3) to VND 66 million (VAT included), which is a decrease of VND 4 million. In addition to the discount, buyers will also be given a voucher worth 2 million VND to buy merch, protective gear, and accessories.

This price reduction is said to be a preparation for the genuine sale of R15 V4 and R15M in Vietnam. According to a reliable source, currently several Yamaha sales consultants have received deposits for the new generation R15. It is expected that the selling price of R15 V4 will be from VND 75 million, while R15M will be from VND 80 million, which is 5-10 million VND higher than the R15 V3 generation.

The price increase is expected as the new generation R15 is equipped with many new features. Specifically, the front telescopic shock absorbers of the current generation will be replaced by USD forks in R15 V4. The bike is also equipped with standard ABS. Although the engine is a bit weaker than the old generation, it is equipped with the Assist & Slipper Clutch system. R15M version also has Quick Shifter for a more immersive experience and more impressive riding experience.

Yamaha bất ngờ giảm giá niêm yết R15 V3: Dọn đường cho R15 V4? - 3

Yamaha launched the R15 V4 in September 2021 in India, by November 2021 it had been sold in the Indonesian market. In June 2022, the R15M and R15 V4 also appeared in the registration information at the Vietnam Ministry of Registry, so the launch date of this duo is expected to be in this September.



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